Satinettes- Old Style Frills

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What are droppers?

These are what I am using as droppers. Ed suggested Old Classic frills, or Satinettes as some people like to call them, he said they are the best; so did everyone else i asked. So I bought a breeding pair:


 These make Great droppers and are great pets; If you would like to buy a pair of nestmates or just one. Drop me a line and we can talk. They will be $15 per bird or $25 per pair of nestmates. I will only be selling young birds. I will raise what I need and then if you request one or two then I will have them raise you your birds. If you email me I'll put you on the list. These also make great pumpers if you let them breed. I wouldn't suggest you let their eggs hatch because they will be severely inbred. You pay for the box and shipping. All Birds are NPA seamless banded.

My Email is: