Meetup Groups

Our motto: "Collaborate and you will Succeed"

What that means to us: We grow successful accounting technology practices by collaborating with accounting technology professionals in our local meetup groups.

Why join with other professionals who make accounting technology their business?

"Talk and Client Swaps" are local networks of professionals who make accounting technology their business.  Bring your business cards, introduce yourself and your business, and meet others who can "talk accounting tech" for hours. Come and enjoy yourself while you advance your practice.

Our motto: "Specialization through collaboration" means that there is so much work to be done in the constantly-moving and ever-expanding field of accounting technology consulting that there is much to be gained when consultants team up together.  By teaming up and keeping our clients within our group, we are each free to focus on and hone our unique speciality. 

Who we areWe are bookkeepers, accountants, training and troubleshooting experts, programmers, educators, CPA's, tax preparers, and other professionals who make accounting technology part of our business. At our informal meetings we share resources, ideas, information, laughs, and professional support and advice. The "Talk and Client Swap" Meetup group is managed by Shelly Robbins, and team of group facilitators. 

Our Philosophy: We welcome everyone at every level as they grow their practices.Meet-ups are monthly and always include brief member introductions so everyone has a chance to speak. The format varies from open networking and sharing to short topics presented by members, occasional presentations or special speakers, and training events.

Our CalendarNW QuickSource Talk and Client Swap Meetup Groups Calendar

Annual Dues: $129/yr

Charge for Meetups: none

Numer of Meetups/year: 12+

Job Board: Our members get clients or jobs through the group's private JOB BOARD

Reasons to Join Us

  • Mentoring and supporting peers
  • Clients and Jobs
  • Discounts on seminars, products, and other services.
Connect to Peers-Bookkeeping can be isolating. Come to the QuickBooks Talk and Swap meetings to meet other QuickBooks® software professionals, share resources and technical consulting tools, increase professional skills, and refer clients to one-another.

Mentoring-The path to accreditation in this field is not clear cut. It starts with a bookkeeping certificate of some kind, and builds with time and experience. Many of us choose to take the tests and become a QuickBooks® ProAdvisor and/or Point of Sale® expert. In our meetings and on-line networking, we will discuss career paths, and what it means to be a bookkeeper vs. expert software support professional.

Clients-You should expect to take in at least 2 new clients each year as a direct result of your $129 membership. We market to companies that use QuickBooks, and they come to us when they need QuickBooks help. We post their projects on our Private Job Board. As you know, these projects are often filled by the first qualified person who contacts the company. Members have instant access to the new posts, and the full contact info. If the job is a good fit for you, jump on it! If not, the next may be. With so many options you can afford to be choosy about your clients, working your niche and raising your rates as your skills grow.

Your QuickSource Meetup Profile will position your skills in your geographic area and attract the kind of work you like doing the most. Membership is only $129 annually and includes your full profile on the QuickSource Directory:

  • Qualifications
  • Geographic location
  • Industry or type of clients that you would like to work with
  • QuickBooks products, add-ons, and related services you support
  • Client testimonials
  • Whether you prefer short- or long-duration projects, and the types of work you prefer
  • Additional Member benefits include:

  • Discounts on seminars, products, and other services
  • QuickBooks Meetup Video

    "Talk and Swaps" are based on the principle of mutual support, meaning that each of the group's members has something of value to contribute to the group, and rarely does the group call in "experts" at get-togethers. Instead they share information, resources, laughs, advice and sometimes clients, with each-other. They keep each other informed about training opportunities and changes to the affect them all, but mostly they get together to share in an environment of mutual respect, understanding, and encouragement. Everyone who makes QuickBooks® their business, from data-entry level bookkeepers to long-time QuickBooks® trainers, troubleshooters, CPA's and software programmers, has something to offer and something to share at the QuickBooks® "Talk and Client Swaps". 

    Stacy Keen, Chad Soto "looking at the options"  with Shirley Starr at a QuickBooks "Talk and Swap" in Seattle, WA

    Many who found their way to bookkeeping don't know that working as a software support provider involves shorter-term contracts for higher pay, generally with clients who are located farther away. Many members in our community are parents who are committed to a work/life balance. Keeping track of multiple clients successfully in the context of a busy life is often a theme in our discussions