What to expect from your QuickBooks® consultation

The following objectives are provided as a general reference in preparing for an appointment with a QuickBooks software expert:

  • Review the set-up of your QuickBooks file, the Chart of Accounts, Items, and Preferences
  • Modify the programming and set-up to increase the flow of information, accounting control, management reports, etc.
  • Provide training on entering day-to-day transactions, monthly reconciliation, or monthly reporting
  • Review internal reports and create or change procedures to improve reporting in a specific area
  • Investigate and install new software that works in conjunction with QuickBooks
  • Add new features, such as payroll, tracking 401(k) retirement accounts, inventory, etc.
  • The following items may be helpful at your appointment:

  • Bank statements (checking, savings, line of credit, etc.) and register, especially if the statements are not reconciled
  • Loan and credit card statements, especially if the statements are not reconciled.
  • Paper or manual forms that you use in your business
  • Spreadsheets that track sales-related information, or other bookkeeping information
  • Tax forms (payroll, business license, sales tax, etc.) if you have questions
  • If your appointment is off-site, bring a back-up of your QuickBooks data so that changes can be installed on your computer or network when you get back to your office.
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