What is a QuickBooks® Trainer - Troubleshooter

What is a QuickBooks® software expert and why should you hire one?

QuickBooks® software experts set up and train you and your staff on QuickBooks®. They troubleshoot and repair QuickBooks® data and functionality. As a general rule you should plan to hire a software expert:

  • Before you start using QuickBooks®, to help you configure the settings and accounts
  • When your QuickBooks® is not working properly (click here to test your QuickBooks®)
  • When your company grows, or your needs change, and you need to dig deeper into the functionality of QuickBooks® or purchase one of the add-ons apps and services that link to QuickBooks® to satisfy your growth or change
  • QuickBooks® software experts make QuickBooks® their business, whether they are bookkeepers, accountants, or set up specialists. Their work is to know QuickBooks® inside and out. Click here to read about the difference between the QuickBooks® professional credentials and certifications.

    Setup and Customization

    If you are converting from another accounting program or starting a new business, hire an expert to set up QuickBooks®.

    A set up includes banks accounts, income and expense categories, accounts payable and receivable. QuickBooks® has dozens of preferences that can either help or get you into trouble. I have taught many seminars focused exclusively on set up preferences. So, if you don’t know what you are doing with preferences, it pays to have an expert do it right.

    Other set up tasks may include tracking sales tax, setting up 1099s for your subcontractors, and creating invoices, reports, and other forms with your company logo.

    Customization can occur at set up or whenever you determine there is a need for it. It includes linking add-on technologies such as time tracking to Quickbooks® and customizing reports that help you to analyze how you are doing in your business.

    This link will help you think about what you need to do to prepare for a appointment.


    Not every QuickBooks® expert is adept at training. However, many of us are naturals who will be glad to sit down with you and your staff to explain how QuickBooks® works, show you how to enter data step-by-step, help you write up procedures and policies, and be available for quick answers when the inevitable questions pop up.

    Troubleshooting and Repair

    Few businesses have not run into problems with QuickBooks®, even with on-site staff. If you are in this predicament, a QuickBooks® software expert can come to your business, troubleshoot problems, and show your staff what happened and how to avoid the problem(s) in the future.

    Procedures and Best Practices

    We can help you define best practices and document your bookkeeping procedures, so that if an unexpected transition occurs, you will retain your accumulated financial knowledge and uphold consistency in taxes, payroll, and many other areas of your business.

    As your Business Evolves

    As your business evolves from startup to a growing concern, your bookkeeping and accounting need evolve with it. As a startup or simple concern, you may do your own books or have a bookkeeper who comes in a few hours a month, and an accountant you retain a few hours a year. As your business grows, you may pay a staff member to do this work as part of a larger job. The individuals who open your QuickBooks® data file may or may not be experienced in the software or the best practices of bookkeeping. You hope they are, they strive to be, and yet not everyone is an expert.

    We come in whenever you need us. A QuickBooks® software expert has both experienced and recovered from all the usual pitfalls, has tested their knowledge of the software every year as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor®, and invests time to learn from and mentor a community of experts who help each other along the way.
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