How to Prepare for a new QuickBooks Setup

A QuickBooks set up generally occurs over the course of three sessions, with each session lasting 2-3 hours.

Session 1 Goal: Establish the foundation for the new data file
Session 2 Goal: Create individualized forms and processes for posting data
Session 3 Goal: Learn how to reconcile accounts, review financial reports, establish long-term procedures to understand how your new QuickBooks data file is working.

Objectives of Set Up

  • Establish a “start date” for your new data file
  • Design your Chart of Accounts with attention to your business needs
  • Set up one of every type of Item
  • Customize templates
  • Customize reports based on what you need to know about your business operation
  • At the end of this process we want you to be confident in the information flow, the Chart of Accounts, Items, and the customized reports established to track your programs and related financial data.

    What you will Need

    The QuickBooks set up specialist will need the following:

    1) A bank statement for each bank account as of the “start-date” of your new QuickBooks data file
    2) Line of Credit and/or Loan Statement, if you have them
    3) Statements or reports that show balances for any other assets, such as equipment, or other loan obligations
    4) Copies of any special reports you wish to run from QuickBooks