Can you find the Prize: CLUES - CLUE FOUR

News – During the months of May - September, I will be publishing on this site a series of clues to help you solve “The Quest for the Prize”.

The first clues are now available.


Try and solve these clue and then, together with the clues that are already hidden within the book, use the results to try and solve the mystery of what is the Prize, and where it is hidden.



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Good Luck....


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CLUE FOUR is another riddle to help you solve one clue…



The night at the Grid, that was great,

for a clue was in what they ate.

Adding some nuts gives a special dish,

a part that can lead to what you wish.

Then look again at what they chose,

to work out a clue, all in prose.


Best Regards… and Good luck on your Quest…


Keith Dyne

Author: The Quest for the Prize.


Disclaimer: It should be noted that this is not a competition and there is no real prize to be found. The clues relate to the book “The Quest for the Prize” by Keith Dyne, published by Raider Publishing International, where the hero, Jerry Dumbarton, is on a quest to find the Prize, and ancient object that will bring love and happiness to the race of man. Please remember everyone – this is just fiction….

In order to fully understand the clue, you will need to have read the book