While growing up in Hawaii, Barack Obama was a student at the prestigious Punahou School in Honolulu.While growing up in Hawaii, Barack Obama was a student at the prestigious Punahou School in Honolulu.

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From the Punahou School website:

About Punahou

According to legend, an aged Hawaiian couple lived in Manoa and had to travel far for water. They prayed for a spring. In a dream, they were told to uproot the stump of an old hala tree. When they removed the tree stump, they uncovered a spring of clear, sweet water, which they named Ka Punahou (the New Spring).

Today, Punahou School is a coeducational college preparatory day school in Honolulu, Hawai`i. Our 3,750 students, in kindergarten through grade 12, reflect Hawaii's ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic diversity. The legend of Ka Punahou lives on in the Punahou seal, which depicts a hala tree and two taro leaves, and within the school itself, as the community looks to us as a source of educational excellence. Punahou is the largest independent school in the United States.

Currently, Punahou is divided into the Junior School (Kindergarten through grade 8) and the Academy (grades 9 through 12). The breadth and depth of the curriculum is supported by a robust wireless infrastructure and integrated technology tools, three libraries and a wide variety of media services. We also provide a rich and diverse arts program as well as a very successful athletic program that includes a long record of interscholastic athletic accomplishment for both boys and girls....

New facilities were completed in 2005 for grades 6-8 in the Case Middle School at Punahou. This expanded area of campus was designed to support an educational program designed specifically to meet the intellectual and social needs of early adolescents....

Our alumni comprise an important part of Punahou's broad community. Today, our alumni number over 23,000, of whom about 45 percent live in Hawai`i.

Our School colors are buff and blue, representing the sand and the sea of Hawai`i. The school song is "O`ahu Wa."



AP Obama Profile

In this 1977 file photo provided by the The Oahuan, yearbook of Punahou School, Barack Obama, second row center, is seen with is junior varsity basketball team in this 1977 yearbook class photo in Honolulu. Obama loved basketball and as a forward dubbed Barry O'Bomber he favored a left-handed double pump shot. During his senior year, the varsity team captured the state championship.



Our school ties: where did they go to high school?


Robert C. Wo Sr., Chairman, C.S. Wo & Sons-1941 James C. Wo, Chairman, Punahou School/Rehab Hospital of the Pacific-1943 C. Dudley Pratt, Jr., Chairman, Campbell Estate-1945 Richard Henderson, President, Realty Investment-1946 Paul Leo, Senior VP/Pacific Region, Dean Witter Reynolds-1948 Richard R. Kelley, Chairman, Outrigger Enterprises-1951 Kane Fernandez, President, Fernandez Entertainment-1954 Guido Giacometti, President, Grove Farm Co.-1956 Paul Ganley, Trustee, Damon Estate-1957 Larry Johnson, Chairman, Pacific Century Financial Corp.-1958 Robert Guard, President, JBG Corp.-1958 Andre Tatibouet, Chairman/CEO, Aston Hotels & Resorts-1959 Hiram de Fries, District Manager, Shell Oil Products-1959 Richard Humphreys, Chairman, Bank of America Hawaii-1961 Warren Luke, President, Hawaii National Bancshares-1962 Randall Chang, President, City Bank-1963 Wendell Pang, Chairman and CEO, Finance Factors-1963 Glenn Hong, President, Young Bros.-1966 Stephen MacMillan, COO, Campbell Estate-1968 James Scott, President, Punahou School-1970 Robert W. Wo, Jr., President, C.S. Wo & Sons-1970 Dana Chun, President, King Food Service-1973 Mark Fukunaga, Chairman, Servco Pacific-1974 Jenai Sullivan Wall, President, Foodland-1977 Edward Sultan III, President, The Sultan Co.-1981



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