Proton Head Electron Tail (Host proton/electron) versus Host pregnant Neutron with Virus Neutrino in control

Mirtha Clark is the founder of The ProtonElectron Society (For Eternity, Life in Outer Space and Survival) and the author of the book "Everything About This Universe" (Astronomy and Particle Physics meet Microbiology, Biology and Human Sociology).   British Library ISBN  0-9547034-0-5.   FREE EBOOK.   CHAPTER LINKS BELOW.

For Eternity, Life in Outer Space and Survival

Humans = atoms.  Atoms = Host proton heads electron tails and Virus neutrinos.
Neutrinos = preprogrammed ageing and death = mass genocide.

The speciality of virus types of organisms is that they arrest the growth of the host  with a limited amount of  divisions, eg bacteriophages, for the sake of a viral replication cycle, and so it makes sense that scientific research has shown that when the enzyme telomerase is added to old human cells in laboratory experiments, they become young again and can divide forever, effectively reversing their ageing and death.   It is likely that with more scientific research, cell telomere extension opposed by enzymes for apoptosis will eventually give immortality to humans.  The next step would be to conquer life in outer space since Planet Earth and the Sun will  not last forever as their cores keep shrinking over time,  just like the telomere of the cells of humans keeps shrinking over time, which leads to ageing and death.

AIMS OF THE PROTONELECTRON SOCIETY   To generate awareness as to how to become eternal using scientific means.  For example with cell telomere extension opposed by enzymes for apoptosis.   We hope the presence of The ProtonElectron Society will encourage more scientific research to conquer ageing and death   To generate awareness as to how to survive in outer space for many years.   For example how to manufacture food with the help of friendly bacteria, plus breathable air, water and electricity from planets, moons, asteroids, and the solar wind or sunlight.  To generate awareness as to how to build a spaceship that can generate gravity in outer space similar to the gravity that the core of planet Earth generates on surface layers, and a spaceship that can be launched safely from a planet and can also protect from radiation, space junk and micro-meteorites.   For example with a strong enough net positive core in the spaceship that can keep grounded the net negative outer layers, and with layered walls that can slow down radiation from stars and disintegrate pieces of debris, plus revising the research that has been done with helium at low and high temperature physics, as one of the possible options for  launches. 

ABOUT MIRTHA CLARK Author of the book "Everything About This Universe" and Founder of The ProtonElectron Society

"EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS UNIVERSE" Astronomy and Particle Physics meet Microbiology, Biology and Human Sociology
British Library ISBN 0-9547034-0-5      The book may be read in this website as a free EBook (links at the top of this page) or borrowed from a local public library.

I spent more than four years of research, some of it through observation, since a lot of science can be observed right here on Planet Earth and in your own home.  Also, helped by Senior Microbiologist Douglas Clark PhD with microbiology, and armed with more than two dozen science books, a few encyclopedias, a variety of TV documentaries, many science dictionaries and science information from the Internet, I set out to prove that the truth about this universe is more shocking than some scientists ever imagined, and more accessible too.   Nothing can help humans except themselves, but the reason this is so can be disturbing.  I found a host versus virus and replication pattern in biology, microbiology, particle physics and astronomy provided by nature itself which has been overlooked by most scientists, and this together with certain key observations misunderstood by most scientists allowed me to find most of the truth about this universe.     In the book Everything About This Universe I explain how the host versus virus and replication pattern permeates all the main branches of science and human life.   For example the pattern can allow us to understand gravity, dark energy, dark disks, the birth and death of stars, proton heads/electron tails, neutrons/neutrinos, the origin and evolution of the cell based and intracellular species, ageing and death, order and chaos, and the behaviour of humans more accurately, to name just a few.  Basically, everything that exists in this universe is ultimately made of only two fundamental particles/organisms with genetic information and energy in a host versus virus interaction.   The fundamental host, dark energy=no gravity nor radiation, grows in numbers through particle division constantly creating new matter and can accelerate or slow down the expansion of the universe, and the fundamental virus, light matter from disintegrated neutrinos (except for the very first light matter particle that ever existed), grows in numbers at the expense of the host.   Everything in this universe deriving from stars is those two particles/organisms in different shapes and forms, like for example proton heads/electron tails, neutrons/neutrinos, atoms, inorganic matter and humans.  So in summary:  Host dark energy versus Virus light  matter from disintegrated neutrinos =  Host  proton heads electron tails versus Virus neutrinos =  The Neutron/Neutrino origin of species = The Neutrino ageing and death of species.

THE PROTONELECTRON SOCIETY For Eternity, Life in Outer Space and Survival     Mirtha Clark is also the founder of The ProtonElectron Society which aims to take humans one step further in their evolution.  For example through seeking eternity using scientific means and seeking a viable life in outer space with the right kind of spaceship/spacestation with low gravity conquered, and the right kind of technology to manufacture food, breathable air, water and electricity from other planets, moons, asteroids, solar wind or sunlight.


She is the author of the book "EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS UNIVERSE" Astronomy and Particle Physics meet Microbiology, Biology and Human Sociology 
British Library ISBN 0-9547034-0-5  
The book took over four years of research and was published in 2004.
1.  She discovered that the Neutrino is a Virus cluster living in the host protonelectron of the neutron in atomic nuclei and taking total control of it.

2. She also discovered that the electron is the tail of a proton head, and that the protonelectron is one host organism.  Host protonselectrons (as opposed to neutrons/neutrinos), are also infected by virus light matter particles, but the virus failed to reproduce the neutrino in stars, and so atoms ended up with a dual nature, that of protonselectrons (with just one virus in them) and neutrons/neutrinos (with a huge amount of viruses in them and total control of the host).

3. She also discovered the Host versus Virus and replication pattern in microbiology, biology, particle physics and astronomy.

4.  She also discovered that dark energy particles are the fundamental hosts and constant creators of new matter of this universe, and that dark disks are infected dark energy particles by virus light matter particles which will grow into infected protonselectrons.  The light matter particles viruses within them will then use high levels of heat to generate a star and force a percentage of host protonselectrons to reproduce the virus neutrino.

5.  She also discovered how gravity really works at planetary, solar system and galaxy level based on positive charge proton heads and negative charge electron tails.

6. She also discovered that fundamentally the cold originates from dark energy particles and the heat from virus light matter particles.

7. She also discovered that the protonelectron is a huge amount of infected host dark energy particles by virus light matter particles, and that the neutrino is a huge amount of virus light matter particles.

8. She also discovered that pure, uninfected dark energy particles exist in the form of networked, cloned particles (asexual reproduction), as the immense darkness we can see and are the fundamental creators of matter.

9.  She also discovered that there are two fundamental particles in this universe from where everything originates:   host dark energy particles and virus light matter particles.   Everything in this universe is them in different sizes, shapes and forms.  They may be immortal since they survived the extreme levels of heat of stars, but we do not know if they had a beginning.

10.  She also discovered that heavier atoms, with more viral neutrons/neutrinos than host protonselectrons, have more viruses in them, and how viruses can use these to shift power to viruses in the species.  This is also why drug addicts are addicted to drugs with heavy atoms and why their behaviour change and they become more virulent and more prone to criminal activities and destruction.  Tobacco and alcohol are also drugs and these are widely used by humans. The children born to drug addicts will very likely become drug addicts themselves and will increase the numbers of the virus army.  A healthy diet and lifestyle is essential to give more power to hosts protonselectrons in humans, and fruit and vegetables, with lighter atoms, have a crucial role to play as part of a balanced diet.  It is important to understand that there is a war going on between hosts and viruses all over the universe, and that viruses want power supremacy.

11.   She also discovered that ignorance and ageing and death in the species is a virus deed and a viral disease.   Ignorance is the destruction of memories in host protonselectrons by viruses   Ageing and death is the gradual destruction of infected intrinsic cells by viruses which leads to the human body gradually running out of cells for youth and health (ageing) and eventually dying.

12.  She also discovered that sexual reproduction is a virus thing, and asexual reproduction a host thing.   The human body is made of billions of cloned and networked cells (host asexual reproduction), but viral sexual reproduction generates pregnancies and humans are born ignorant and with cells with the viral copy number for ageing and death.  Sexual reproduction also brings about isolation and inequality, eg people are not networked, as the human body is, and so society ends up with strangers, people you really do not know if they are good or evil, and what are they really thinking.


My Info:   Founder of The ProtonElectron Society and author of the book "Everything About This Universe"
 (British Library ISBN 0-9547034-0-5)