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Warcraft 3, 1.23 Patch Support (Bored Aussie)

Find your problem from the list below and follow the instructions to find a solution

Please ensure you have the latest loader this will fix alot of problems people are having, if they still persist follow the instructions below

Download WC3 Loader

Incremental Patch (To Update From 1.22)

Full Patch (To Update From 1.21 and Lower) *use this file if unsure of version

Registry error loading key 'Warcraft III\InstallPath'
This error will occur when the copy of you Warcraft 3 has just been copied from another installation that isn't from your own computer or from a backup after you formatted etc.

Basically the registry entry that the Patcher uses to locate the installation of Warcraft 3 is missing and the most simple and effective way of doing this is adding the entry manually to the registry , first you must know where the Warcraft 3 folder is located for example c:\wc3 it will and most probably be different for everyone. Now once you have located where it is do the following

1. Open up regedit (start > run > regedit)
2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\

*If blizzard entertainment is missing right click on the software directory and create a new key and name it Blizzard Entertainment then do the same for the Warcraft III Directory too if it is missing also.

3. Create new key, name it 'Warcraft III' (without quotes)
4. On right side of new key entry, right click and create new string value
5. Name it 'InstallPath' (without quotes)
6. Double click on Installpatch and Change the value of InstallPath to wherever you installed it (example: 'c:\warcraft 3\')
7. Reinstall Warcraft 1.23 Patch. (this time your war3 will be installed without any errors)
8. Enjoy! your Warcraft is patched to 1.23.

Fatal Error When you Try to Launch WC3 (Last Download For Unable To Patch Issues)
Last Step will fix most issues

Firstly make sure you are loading WC3 using the most updated loader for 1.23 on BA

Download Here (Bored Aussie WC3 Loader) Betav3 Loader

Secondly close any 3rd party Warcraft applications that you may have running , Visual Custom kick , Banlist , DR (Delay Reducer) , Auto Refresh etc... and reopen them one by one until the problem comes up again , then that way you have discovered what program was causing the problem , if it wasn't any of these...

Download the patch 1.23 Warcraft .mpq files and .dll files this will fix alot of issues including that it cannot patch certain files etc... and replace your current files with these

Download Patched .mpq and .dll files

(new mirror Coming Soon)

Unable To Validate Game Version
Firstly ensure that you have updated by checking the bottom right hand corner of the warcraft screen and make sure it has , this is to ensure you have updated to the new 1.23 patch , if not download the full patch from here:

Download 1.23 Full Patch

and then ensure you are loading the game using the new WC3 Loader as released on 23 March

Download Latest WC3 Loader

Then after patching to 1.23 Download the file below and put the 3 files into your Warcraft III Directory , thats the file where you have Warcraft III installed ,just extract the files and overwrite the current ones with these , this should hopefully fix the problem when trying to validate game version. *Don't forget to launch Warcraft 3 using the WC3 Launcher (download Link Above)

Download War3 Fix

Remember to backup any file you overwrite as i am not responsible for loss of data or anything bad that may happen doing this

If that doesn't work you can always re-install the game as that is also another way around this issue

Invalid Game.dll Need 188

There are two methods one for XP and one for Vista

XP Method (reported to not always work)

Remove the current game.dll in your warcraft III directory and download and replace with this one:

Download game.dll

Vista Method (thanks to TiMMy on BA forums)

Firstly ensure that the loader is not running under XP compatability mode

1. Open your warcraft 3 folder C:\Program Files\Warcraft III
2. locate your game.dll file, move into redist file.
3. try and run w3l.exe Vista will come up saying Warcraft has stopped working.
4. Restart your computer.
5. Open your warcraft 3 folder again C:\Program Files\Warcraft III
6. Try and run W3l.exe same error will come up.
7. Open the C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Redist
8. Move the Game.dll file back into the original directory.
9. Try and run w3l.exe
10. If this does not work, Then repeat, has worked every time for me.

Could Not Find Location To Patch

Assuming that you have successfully patched to 1.23 , to check open up Warcraft 3 and on the bottom right hand corner it should read

Download the latest WC3 Loader and extract all the files to the Warcraft 3 Directory and overwrite any existing files this includes the w3l.exe and w3lh.dll and the latency.txt files once you have done that make sure that and that you do infact load the game using the w3l.exe and then connect to Bored Aussie this way otherwise you will have problems

Download Latest WC3 Loader

Accessed Denied Error
Thanks to Enkidu off the BA Forums

If your patcher for Warcraft is saying stuff like "Access denied", and that you can't create these files:

  • Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest
  • msvcm80.dll
  • msvcp80.dll
  • msvcr80.dll
There is a simple fix. Go to your Warcraft III directory, eg. C:\Program Files\Warcraft III, then look for those files. After you've found them, delete them. (Make a backup of those files just in case). Once you've deleted those files, run the patcher again. Everything should install fine this time round.