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From Big Eddie:

Michelle Bachman and Robin Hayes, two republican representatives that were never in danger of losing their seats are waking up to a different playing field this morning. Having injected themselves into the game with outlandish statements and reversals, the Minnesota and North Carolina Congressional members are on the verge of being sidelined by voters.

Savvy news consumers know the stories behind these two righties, but the reaction of voters and the fallout is more than interesting. Didn't this happen in the last election cycle? Didn't either one of these elected officials pay attention to what happened to George Allen in Virginia?

The YouTube culture strikes again. Those dam recorders that get sound can destroy everything can't they! The result has been an influx of cash to their opponent's war chest and news coverage challenging candidates dream about.

The bottom line, the American people are paying attention to every word in these final days. Polls can shift, swing, change, and most of all give the one time confident voter cold feet. Liberals must stay vigilant.

This mission is not accomplished. Let's not make the same mistake the last guy made by hanging the banner too soon.
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