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This website is a continual work in progress: If you have any recommendations of websites, literature, experiences, etc that others might find helpful, feel free to contact me. 


This website has been setup as a resource for those who are faced with the choice of using a sperm donor to create their family. A surprising number of people are faced with the reality that they will not be able to conceive naturally, whether due to known or unknown causes.

Many people choose to turn to donor sperm to realize their dream of becoming a parent. One of the things that is painfully obvious once one decides upon the path of Donor Insemination, is the lack of personal experiences. Many people, for one reason or another, choose to not discuss their choice with others for fear of their responses.

There are others who are willing to discuss their choice and how it has affected them and their children. My hope is that this website will provide people who are making one of the most painful and difficult decisions of their life with a more personal level of information.

There are links on the left hand side which all provide different information and resources.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to include your own story or if you have any information that you feel would be beneficial to others making this choice.