Princess 2 Queenz

Every little girl is told the fairy tale that end with...'and they lived happily ever after!'; but every little girl isn't taught how to get to this 'happy place'. 

Author Attiyya Barrett learned through life's bumps and bruises that her 'happily ever after' was indicative of her 1. Finding herself 2. Defining herself for herself & 3. Allowing God to use her for His glory.

While chasing her Cinderella story, she was abandoned by her birth father, born to a teen mother, raped / molested very early in life, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, murder of her child's father, watched attempted suicide by a beau, jail...what could have happened to her...DID! Where was her Glass Slipper!? Was there really a Prince Charming that would rescue her?

The hard answer was 'no'! There was no one that would run to rescue her. She needed to take control of her circumstances and EDUCATE Herself, EMPOWER herself. And EQUIP herself for the journey ahead.

She was educated by the Paterson Public School system, graduating from PS #27 and Paterson Catholic High School. She went on to study Biology at Bloomfield College and Family and Child Studies at Montclair State University. She also boasts the following accolades:

Author: "In search of the glass slipper!", "I am Her", "Adventures of the Great A" (co-authored with her son Aaron who tells his tale on the Autistic spectrum)

Mother: Seven beautiful children, Sheereen, Keyonniey, Zhane, (triplets) Aaliyah, Avery, Aaron, baby boy Jayonn & special son Jordan

Grandmother: Three strong Princes Aiden, Adonis & Mason

CEO: Princess to Queenz, a non-profit organization that works diligently to empower, educate and equip Princesses, Queenz, and the community as a whole for life's curves. Princess to Queenz boasts an acclaimed "Princess to Queen All girls summer camp", "P2Q After School enrichment program" & "Queen to Princess mentoring".

There is so much more to Attiyya Barrett, self proclaimed Queen Attiyya, but one thing is sure, she is proof that God has preserved her & is being used for His Glory.

For more information:

Facebook: Attiyya Barrett

Instagram: queen_attiyya