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AREA: xx km2REVENUE: xx ACCESSION: 1st July 1952
STATE: Oudh (Rai Bareli Distt.)DYNASTY: BaisRELIGION: Hindu
PRESENT RULER: Sri Rana SHIVNATH SARAN SINGH, Rana Saheb of Thalrai and Khajurgaon.
President of British Indian Association, married Rani Sandhya Kumari, third daughter of Justice Raja Shri Chandra Shekhar Prasad Singh, Raja Saheb ofDaiya in U.P., and his wife, Rani Padma Devi, and has issue, two sons.
  • Rajkumar Amar Singh
  • Rajkumar Shalivahan Singh
PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: For predecessors see Bachgoti family tree. Rulers were.......
  • Rana PHER SINGH [Pher Shah], grandson of Rana Amar Singh
  • Rana RAGHUNATH SINGH, a cousin of Rana Beni Madho Bakhsh Singh of Shankarpur, he initially sided with the rebels in 1857, but submitted in 1858, and thereafter rendered good service to the Government, by maintaining its authority in his district and by guarding the bridge at Bithoraghat; he was invested with the powers of an Assistant Commissioner in 1860; married and had issue.
    • Kunwar (name unknown), married and had issue. He died vp.
      • Rana Sir SHANKAR BAKHSH SINGH (qv)
    • Rana Sir SHANKAR BAKHSH SINGH -/1897, born 27th December 1839 (#1), Rana of Thalrai and Khajurgaon, Head of the younger branch of the Simbasi House of Bais-Tilokchandi Rajputs; the title of Rana was formally recognised in 1877; he was awarded a Medal of Honour at the Imperial Darbar in Delhi on 1st January 1877; created C.S.I. [cr.1882], and K.C.S.I. [cr.1887]; Member of the Viceroy's Legislative Council 1886; Honourary Magistrate; Vice President of the British Indian Association 1877/1897; married and had issue. He died 1897.
      • Kunwar Lal Chandra Shukan Singh [ Lal Chandra Bhukhan Singh], born 1860, died 7th August 1894.
      • Rani Vaishni, married (as his first wife), married Raja Akshay Singhji of Banera.
    • Rana Sir SHEORAJ SINGH 1897/1913, born 1865, K.C.I.E. [cr.1911] (#2), Taluqdar of Thalrai; relinquished his rights to his son by a document (dastbardari) on 9th May 1913; married and had issue, as well as further issue by Musammat Sarwar. He died 14th April 1920.
      • Rana UMA NATH BAKSH SINGH (qv)
      • Kunwar Shambhu Nath Baksh Singh
      • Shri Jang Bahadur (by Musammat Sarwar), attained his majority on 2nd May 1930.
      • Shri Bam Bahadur (by Musammat Sarwar)
    • Rana UMA NATH BAKSH SINGH 1913/1946, married and had issue. He died 27th July 1946.
      • Rana SHIVAMBER SINGH (qv)
    • Rana SHIVAMBER SINGH 1946/-, born 1905, married 1stly, Rani Mahendra Rajya Laxmi Kumari Devi, daughter of Supradipta Manyabara Cdg. Gen. HH Shri Tin Maharajah Sir Mohun Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana of Nepal, and his wife, HH Bada Maharani Dikshya Kumari Devi, had issue, one son, married 2ndly, Rani Laxmi Devi of Sanjauha, had issue, two daughters, married 3rdly, Rani Shanti Devi of Samaspur, had issue, three sons and one daughter, and had issue, four sons and three daughters.
      • Rani Vishalakshi Kumari (by Rani Laxmi Devi), married the Rao Sahib of Maihar in Rajasthan.
      • Rani Ranjana Kumari (by Rani Laxmi Devi), married Rawal Devendra Singhji of Nawalgarh, and has issue.
      • Rajkumar Amresh Kumar Singh [Vijay Singh], married Rajkumari Abha Kumari from Kalakankar, and has issue, one daughter and one son.
        • Kumari Indrani Singh 
        • Kunwar Shivraj Singh
      • Rajkumar Shivnath Saran Singh (by Rani Shanti Devi), succeeded as Rana SHIVNATH SARAN SINGH (qv)
      • Kunwarani Rudrani Kumari (by Rani Shanti Devi), married Kunwar Kirtivardhan Singh of Khandela-Junior.
      • Rajkumar Devendra Pratap Singh (by Rani Shanti Devi)
      • Rajkumar Anantesh Singh (by Rani Shanti Devi)
    • Rana SHIVNATH SARAN SINGH (see above)

    • Rajkumari Poornima Devi, married 28th April 1979, Tikka Pramod Singh of Baghal, and has issue, two sons.
    • Rajkumari (name unknown) [Rani Sahiba of Bhinai], married Raja SARDUL SINGH of Bhinai.
    • Kunwar (name unknown), younger brother of the Rana Sahib of Khajurgaon, married Rajkumari Krishna Devi, daughter of Raja PADMANABH SINGH DEO of Dharakote.
    • Raja Saheb of Khajurgaon, married a daughter of Raja RAGHUNATH SHAH of Agori-Barhar, and his wife, Rani Beni Kanwar.
    • Smt. Rani Malvika Singh, married Raja VIKRAM SINGH, present Raja Saheb of Daiya, and has issue.

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