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What is The Prim Pooch all about?
The Prim Pooch is a family owned business that has formed with an objective to provide an intimate friendship and care for animals. As mothers, fathers, and animal-owners; we understand how hard it gets to take care of your animals. We want to provide a service from a family to a family
 to help care for your animal. We want our customer's to have one less thing to worry about while away from their home. 

What makes the Prim Pooch different from other care services? 
We have decided to make a statement by not only offering dog walking and care, but to offer grooming in home as well. Not only do we want your animal to be taken care of, but we want it to be clearly seen. When you come home, we can guarantee that your dog will smell good, look good, and feel good..Our packages include bows for females, capes for males, and EVERY dog is left with a chew proof Prim Pooch bracelet. That's 
how much we love your dog!  

Do you have to come into my home?
That choice is completely up to you. If our customer's feel more comfortable with us staying outside of the home, then we have no problem doing so. All you have to do is leave your dog outside for us to greet and we handle everything from there. If you have a dog that stays completely indoors, then we can come in as well. Our customer contracts that have to be signed before we come will cover all of your belongings, the dog's  belongings, and the security of your whole home. We are a family as well and understand how hard it is to trust strangers in your home. We only do as much as our customer's feel comfortable with. 

Are your services limited to just dogs?

Of course not! We have specialist who provide for every domestic animal! Worried about your lap cat not having enough food during the day? No problem, we care for felines. Need for your hamster's cage to be cleaned? That's fine, we care for hamster's as well. When it comes to your house pet we are here to help.

Great! How do I get started?
It's simple! Take a look at our services to see what you would like done for your pooch (don't forget to look at our special offers as well). Then give us a call to set up an appointment. We will keep your pooch's information in our database so that your next appointment will be as simple as sending a text. Please make sure that you have an email address available. We send out contracts and other client information via email. 

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