The Power of Rudraksha
A Rudraksha can Cure diseases!

Rudraksha Beads are proven to have many health benefits. The healing powers and anti-aging properties have been proved. Rudraksha Beads can help cure many diseases. It is also used as a remedy for stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, impotency, lack of concentration, mental instability etc.  Many researches were done in order to find more about the properties and healing powers of the rudraksha beads. One such research was that of Dr Suhas Rai and team of Indian Institute of Technology in Banaras who confirmed that indeed the rudraksha beads have special powers and they vary from bead to bead or on the basis of different mukhi's. 


Magnetic Property

It is said that the reason for most illnesses is impure blood circulation which is resulted from the blockages in the passage of arteries and veins which carry blood to and from the heart to all parts of the body due to variety of reasons. Magnets, these days are extremely popular for purpose of healing such diseases. When magnets are brought in contact with the affected area it opens up or expands only those sections of veins and arteries where the polarity matches because of which complete healing is not possible. Though Rudraksha Beads retains most of the properties of magnets, but it also has the ability to change its polarity which can be termed as Diamagnetism, the ability of any material to acquire temporary magnetic property in the presence of an external magnetic field. In other words, it has the property of dynamic polarity as a result of which it acquires a polarity that is opposite of the inducing magnetic field created by heartbeats and blood circulation thereby opening up the passages of arteries and veins better facilitating a much better healing and rejuvenation experience than magnets.


Electrical Property

Our state of mind and personality is governed by the brain, its functioning and that of the central nervous system. Our body can be considered as a complex bio-electronic circuit and stress or increased physical activity can cause a malfunctioning. Rudraksha Beads are dielectric in nature and thereby can store electric energy. This resistance and dielectric property makes it capable of stabilizing and anchoring the bioelectric current in the body. Because of its Electromagnetic and inductive properties rudraksha can send out inductive vibrations with frequencies signals to the brain activating or controlling certain brain chemicals and neurotransmitters effecting positive changes. Rudraksha are therefore used to treat hyperactivity, palpitations of the heart and for streamlining heart beat etc.


 For details of the individual effects of 1-21 mukhi  Rudraksha Beads and other special beads visit my Blog on the subject.

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