"the Poster Patch"

Poster Restoration & Linen-backing Services

          Judy  Jones
 As a collector of movie posters
myself, we all want our posters
to last for  a long time and be in
the best condition that they can
 be in.

    I have been restoring posters
since 1990. I've restored movie,
 travel, concert, circus posters,
as well as maps and other
 memorabilia. They have been
vintage,classics and more. Most
 are  torn, stained, and missing
parts. You name it and I've
probably seen it.

All phases of restoration are provided.
Whether it's linen-backing or repairing, I try to restore your treasures so they will look great and last for a very long time.

I like to treat each poster as if it
were my own and restore it as I
would want mine restored. 

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