Vision/Mission Statement

 The Political Kingdom of God
Governmental Theodemocorcy
"Where God and the people hold the power to conduct the affairs of men in righteousness"
The Political Kingdom of God  (Working towards the Establisment of Gods Government in the British Isles) uses the format  of Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress as it's modle. Adjustments will be made where  relevent to the British Isles.
The following papers & documents are the property of Joel Skousen. Permission has been sought and granted by the author for use on this site.
Permission has also been granted  by Sterling D. Allan to draw upon any relevent documentation produced by RSICC.
     The Political Kingdom of God- Working towards the Establishment of Gods Government in the British Isles, aims to associate and assist with the following groups & organisations who are themselves in the pursuite of , and working towards the Establishment of Gods Government Kingdom on Earth.
 "Such As Will Administer the Law in Equity and Justice Should be Sought for and up held"
The Political Kingdom of God in the British Isles
Vision/Mission Statement
under development.
The Political Kingdom of God in the British Isle endevers to establish  a Governerment that will administer the Law in Equity and Justice to all in the government of her realm.
We acknowledge the Royal Throne of Great Britain as the Royal Throne of  David
and  is the Royal Throne of  Jesus Christ, on earth.
The King of kings.
 That the present Royal family are the custodians of that Throne.
Our aim is to Establish Gods Political government in preperation and readiness of his  imminent return.
We acknowledge the British-Israel World Federation as a authority in educationing the British-Israel people.
We ackknowledge the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints as the Ecclesiastical Church of Gods Kingdom.
We do not endorse it as  membership into the Political Kingdom of God
We up hold the princible of Freedom to Worship
We Uphold to the principle of seperation of Church and State
We acknowledge Almighty God as our lawgiver
We believe in and uphold the princible of Teodemocorcy.
 where God and the people hold the power to conduct the affairs of men in righteousness
We Believe in and uphold the principle of free-will consecration
We acknowledge  and uphold the Keys to the Kingdom and  that they will be held by one called of God 
We seek the Formation of The New United Federation of Anglo Saxson States
& the Establisment of The New Greater United Kingdom of Israel.
General Statement of Purpose
We are aware that the world is now entering the final stages of  "world history", the lines have been drawn and soon all people, Kindren and Nations will have to decide who's side they will aline with.
  either the Kingdom of Lucifier and the forced Socialist NWO .or the free will NWO of the Kingdom of God 
This will happen in two ways Spiritual & temporal, Spiritual by the Convincing of the Holy Ghost. Temporal by the Convincing of the pending Clamities
All those left after the tribulation who chose not to make war, will flee to the Kingdom of God and Zion
The Political Kingdom of God aims for the Unification of the House of Israel. God has set his Hand this "second time" in this dispensation to gather scattered Israel in
We will witness the joining of all like minded people and denominations into the Political Kingdom of God
Who will with one accord live the Law of Our God.
The Political Kingdom of God
in the
British Isles 
 agrees with and upholds the Mission Statements of  the following organisations 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints    The Ensign Message to the British and All Celtic Anglo-Saxson People

Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress (RSICC)

Introductory Flier

To define for eventual implementation the ideal form of government for the support of freedom on the local, state, national, and world level.

We are a growing body of patriot saint leaders, volunteer and elected, representative of our various communities and organizations.

We seek to present to the world a godly alternative to the U.N.-based drive for world socialist government.  By the grace and inspiration of God, we aim to aid and set forth an international government based on freedom and virtue.  We vow to serve faithfully, courageously, and humbly as its nascent representatives.

     As the elected body representing Remnant Saints International Patriot Alliance, we ascribe to the mission statement and Declaration of Principles of that organization.  We also uphold the principle of free-will consecration.  We endorse the 16 principles of unification.


General Statement of Purpose

One of the primary departures of Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress from the 'mainstream' patriot/conservative perspective is that we believe that there SHOULD be world government -- namely God's government based on freedom as a viable alternative to the socialist New World Order police state that is prevailing in the world today. It is not enough just to be against the status quo. As the salt of the earth, we must also present to the world the solution; and stopping with national sovereignty is not it. Like the states of the U.S. joined into an alliance to form the United States, based on principles of freedom, our task is to gather the patriot saints of the world's various nations into a world government based on freedom and individual responsibility. The term "remnant" implies that we both seek to be separate from the current system and that we will survive through the purifying calamities to come.

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Mission Statement & Beleifs

The British-Israel-World Federation

Patron: The Rt Hon The Viscount Allenby of Megiddo

To teach the Covent Nations their Kingdom Identity
 and unique calling to lead all nations  in peace.
To publish that the Return of our Risen Lord is imminent.
Our Immediate Task
To alert the People of the Book to their
History and destiny  as God's servents nation to administer
 the continuing Kingdom of God upon Earth
in God's Great Purpose.
The Federation believes that Christ is our personal Saviour and Redeemer of the nation. We also believe that the descendants of the so-called “Lost Ten Tribes” of the Northern House of Israel are to be found in the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic and kindred peoples of today.  As the Federation believes in the whole Bible it therefore believes the Covenants made between God and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel are everlasting and that the British nation plays an important part of God’s great plan for world order. 
BIWF Covennant Nations  Magazine
An interdenominational magazine emphasizing the need for the closest
  possible co-operation between the English-speaking and kindred peoples
as the vital factor in the preservation of the freedom inherent  in the
 Kingdom of God on Earth, through the Anointed Kingship of
  Our Lord Jesus Christ.
We believe they embody the great bulk of the descendants of God's servent Israel-
irrespective of the people of the Jews, among whom we find only a residue  of today's Israel folk.
Mission Statement
The New United Federation of Anglo Saxons Nations
We the under signed Nations have come to agreement and ratified our commom cause in establishing this federation of Anglo Saxon Nations.
For our mutual freedom and Protection of our political, economic, and moneray system. We ackownlege Britain and America has the Head of this  New United Anglo Saxson States.
We welcome any nation into our system who desire to live by the cause of Libertiy and freedom.
To be Signed by
Great Britain
The United States of America
New Zealand
and others nations seeking Liberty
Mission Statement
The New Greater United Kingdom of Israel
We the decendents of the Ancient House of Israel
do pay Honor to our fathers
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
For their obediance to the Voice of the Lord
and the Blessings they poured upon us their children 
We the decendants of the Ancient House of Israel
Do pay Honor to all the Holy Prophets from Adam and up untill the time of the Prophet of our day
We prepare ourselves as the bride for our bridegroom
Jesus Christ
We Cry with one voice
Hosanna Hosanna Hosanna
and the