The Gathering of the House of Israel

"We Believe in the literal gathering of the house of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes"
 Below are a list of Organisations that have felt of the spirit of Moses and are in the process of  gathering Israel.  This gathering will and is taking place on a Literal  National level  awake or not, and on  a Spiritual level awake. These organisations people  kindred will eventually become One Nation Under God
  I have listed all  denominations that I know of that are  bearing Witness and testimony to the Gathering of Israel.  (more to be added). (The Political kingdom of God Upholds the  right to freedom of Worship).
The British-Israel-World Federation "To Teach the Covenant Nations their Kingdom Identity and Unique Destiny to lead all nations in peace"......
The Ensign Message "To the British and All Celtic, Anglo-Saxon Peoples"