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This Page is Being adapted from RSICC  where necessary, for The Political Kingdom of God  in the British Isles. All Legal and Political documents   are sourced from RSICC Some of the links here are directly to RSICC and will apply to the Political Kindom of God Working towards the Government of God in the British Isles. other formats will be modified  for our use. Permission has been Granted by Sterling D. Allan.

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                                                                                                                                                                                  One of the primary departures of Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress from the 'mainstream' patriot/conservative perspective is that we believe that there SHOULD be world government -- namely God's government based on freedom as a viable alternative to the socialist New World Order police state that is prevailing in the world today. It is not enough just to be against the status quo. As the salt of the earth, we must also present to the world the solution; and stopping with national sovereignty is not it. Like the states of the U.S. joined into an alliance to form the United States, based on principles of freedom, our task is to gather the patriot saints of the world's various nations into a world government based on freedom and individual responsibility. The term "remnant" implies that we both seek to be separate from the current system and that we will survive through the purifying calamities to come.