A National Repentance

The Political Kingdom of God
Governmental Theodemocracy
the blending of religious belief and democracy
"Where God and the people hold the power to conduct the affairs of men in righteousness"
 The Political Kingdom of God  (Working towards the Establishment of Gods Government in the British Isles) uses the format  of Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress as it's model. Adjustments will be made where  relevant to the British Isles.                           
 Where peaceful people who love liberty and uprightness can gather before and during the coming calamities for survival and a little slice of heaven on what will otherwise be a hellish earth.
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The Year of National Repentance
A Jubilee Year
A year of reconciliation between all people in Israel. Between man and man, and also between man and State.
A year of Liberty
 The following information is copyrighted, It has been taken from the Book "The Hidden Manna" Trafford Publishing By William Walker Permission has been Granted by the author to cite and use his work as reference
The following information will show you the time of Britain's & America's National Day of Repentance. 
It will be after great tribulations and warfare that the people of Great Britain and America and other Anglo  Saxson nations will be brought to a remembrance of their God and will repent of their sins on a national level every man women  and child will turn to the Lords law and Live it. 
 The Astounding Prophecy of Matthew 18
" Then came Pete to him, and said, Lord, How oft shall
 my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?
Jesus saith  unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven
 times: but, Until seventy times seven". 
                                                                          Matthew 18:21-22
This sounds like an innocent statement and answer to Peter's question. but the Saviour never made any statement that did not have a significant meaning. Peter referred to "Seven times" because he new that, that period of "time"  was the period allocated for one to work out his repentance, and acknowledge his sins in order to receive forgiveness, and be reconciled to God and his brother. ( Note 3 score & 10 =70 mans allotted time, his "Probationary state" " Day of repentance" see Alma 12; 24 any life after is a blessing.)
70 x 7 = 490 Times
"Unto or until, means exactly to, not beyond. But why stop at 490 times.
Why didn't the saviour say 90  times 7 or 80 times 5 or 100 times 9?
70 times 7 wasn't  a number he just picked out of a hat.
A Period of Perfection
490 Times is a period  of preparation. This period was given in a revelation to the prophet Daniel as a preparation for the Jews to receive their Messiah ( see Daniel 9: 24). In this prophecy 490 Times was given as 70 weeks (70 x 7 =490).
We also find this same period used in Genesis 4:24 and in the Book of Jasher ( Jasher 2: 26 -- 37).
A Period of Correction
490 was also a period of correction. it was due to the house of Israel and Judah failing to keep  the law of the Sabbaths that they were taken captive into Babylon for 70 years, "so that the land could enjoy it's Sabbaths".
 20 And them that had escaped from the sword carried he
 away to aBabylon; where they were servants to him and his
 sons until the reign of the kingdom of Persia:
  21 To fulfil the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah,
 until the land had enjoyed her Sabbaths: for as long as
she lay desolate she kept asabbath, to fulfilbthreescore
and ten years.
 2 Chronicles 36: 20-21
see also Jeremiah 25: 12 & Daniel 9:2
 This of course, was  referring to the Land Sabbaths which occurs every seventh year- followed by Jubilee every 50th year.
If they were to be punished  for 70 years so that the land  could enjoy its Sabbaths - for how long had they neglected to keep the law of the Sabbaths and Jubilees?
Yes 490 years (70 x 7 years) since the days of king David 1080 BC!
But What is the Point
What has all this got to do with the saviour's reply to Peter regarding forgiveness?
Inspired by the Holy Ghost William Walker knew that the answer had a deeper symbolic meaning and  he decided it was related to the Sabbaths. But how?
The number of Spiritual Perfection Intensified
490 intensified by 7 again
490 x 7 = 3,430 years!
Even this meant nothing to him for a while until he discovered that 3,430 years consisted of 490 Sabbaticals! Thereby giving the Saviours statement of forgiveness its greater spiritual meaning.
The Four Perfect Numbers
These are 3, 7, 10 and 12
3 is the number of the Godhead- meaning completeness.
7  is the number of Spiritual Perfection.
10 is the number of Ordinal Perfection.
12 is the number of Governmental Perfection.
490 is a combination of 10 and 7.
7 x 10 = 70
70 x 7 = 490
We find these same four perfect numbers used in the order of Heaven.
3 x 7 x 10 x 12 = 2,520
and the number 2,520 is in itself a number of completeness.
In his statement the Saviour  intensified both the number 10 and 7.
The Order of Heaven
now for astronomical proof that God's Times are periods of 360 years.
This  shows a pathway round the heavens passing through 12  constellations en route.
The hands of the great clock are the Sun - Moon - Stars which appear to move slowly though the heavenly clock occasionally eclipsing each other on route.
On this giant clock there is one period formed by solar eclipse which create a cycle of 360 days (36 x 10) and another also formed by solar eclipses, which produce a cycle of 360 years.
Hence we see that these facts not only produce an astronomical time of 360 years, but demonstrate that a day for a year is both astronmical as well as scriptural  computation planned by an all-wise creator.
The number 2,520 is the lowest common multiple of all the numbers:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10
  It is a fundamental and astronomical number and also a prophetical number of great importance in all God's creative design and works. The Zodiac displays numbers in a remarkable fashion:
12 signs with 3 constellations = 36 plus the 12 signs = 48
12 is one of the perfect numbers.
3 signifies completeness
7 spiritual perfection
10 perfection of divine order
12 perfection in government (12 tribes - 12 apostles - 12 patriarchs)
360 degrees arises out of 4 numbers: 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 = 360 and 360 x 7 = 2,520.
No one can tell us why the number of degrees were fixed at 360. However, it is accepted universally without question and is the year, which is used in all prophecies of the Bible.
Law of the Sabbaths
 the numbers 7 - 10 - 70 - 49 (7 x 7) figure prominently in the Law of the Sabbaths. The Sabbaths were organized in sevens.
1.) The 7th  Day
Deuteronomy 5:12 - 14
Exodus 31: 14 - 15
Exodus 35:2
2.)The 7th Week or (7 X 7) = 49 days
Leviticus 25
During the first sacred  calender month of Abib or Nisan this 49th day from Passover was followed by Pentecost of Feast of First Fruits the 50th  day.
Both 49th and 50th day were Sabbaths.
3.) The 7th Month
Which contained three sacred festivals
4.) The 7th Year (Land Sabbath and the Year of Release)
Deuteronomy 15:1-10
A one year sabbatical also a land financial Sabbath
 Leviticus 25:2 - 7, 18 - 22
Exodus 23: 10,11
5.) The 7th X 7th Year or 49th Year
Leviticus 25:35 - 38
Deuteronomy 15: 1 - 11
Followed by a Jubilee Year.
The 50th Year - A Jubilee Sabbaths
Leviticus 25: 8 - 16
A Pentecostal Sabbath. A year of Liberty.
A Jubilee
A year of reconciliation between all people in Israel. Between man and man, and also between man and State.
Men released all "Slaves"
The state releases all prisoners.
ALL property returned to it's proper owner.
All debts released.
It is a year of liberty a new beginning.
then the 49 -year cycle starts all over again
The 50th  year of Jubilee is the end of a 49- year cycle and the year after the Jubilee is the beginning of a new year cycle.
Therefore there are 70 Sabbaticals and 10 Jubilees to each 500 years.
70 x 7 = 490 years plus 10 Jubilees = 500 years
7 x 490 = 3,430 years plus 70 jubilees = 3,500 years
And  in those 3,500 years there are 490 Sabbaticals and 70 jubilees (70 x 7)!
The count for the 3,500 years began when the law of he Sabbaths were given at Sinai (Exodus 31). And the dates for the exodus are given as:
Year of the Exodus                                               490th Sabbatical                                             70th Jubilee
       1491 BC                                                                2009 AD                                                           2010 AD
       1490 BC                                                                2010 AD                                                           2011 AD
       1498 BC                                                                2011 AD                                                           2012 AD
       1488 BC                                                                2012 AD                                                           2013 AD
       1487 BC                                                                2013 AD                                                           2014 AD
         1486 BC                                                                2014 AD                                                           2015 AD
William walker states that "Due to the Jubilee years being counted in addition to the Sabbatical years. This would make the year 2014 AD the 490th
Sabbatical and 2015 AD the 70th Jubilee, counting from 1486 BC as the exodus year.
By adding one year to the count for the crossing of BC years to AD years will make the year 2015 AD the 490th Sabbatical and 2016 AD the 70th  Jubillee".
The chart below shows Williams Walkers reasoning  for selecting the year 1486 BC as the year of the Exodus.
The Great Prophetic Week of Years
Years of Exodus
1486 BC
            500 years DAY 1 of 70 Sabbaticals and 10 Jubilees
986 BC
           500 years DAY 2 of 70 Sabbaticals and 10 Jubilees
486 BC
             500 years DAY 2 of 70 Sabbaticals and 10 Jubilees
 14 AD
         500 years DAY 2 of 70 Sabbaticals and 10 Jubilees
514 AD
          500 years DAY 2 of 70 Sabbaticals and 10 Jubilees
1014 AD
            500 years DAY 2 of 70 Sabbaticals and 10 Jubilees
1514 AD
            500 years DAY 2 of 70 Sabbaticals and 10 Jubilees
2014 AD
                           490th Sabbatical                        70th Jubilee
                               2015 AD                                     2016 AD
Adding one year to the count for crossing of BC years to AD years.
7x70  will be the 50th Jubilee from the time Moses went up Mount Sinai to speak to the Lord face to face.Where he received the Law and Covenant of God. The 50th jubilee lands in the year  2016. Britain and America will repent of their sins on a national level and the world will see it.
It will be after great tribulations and warfare that the people of Great Britain and America and other Anglo  Saxson nations will be brought to a remembrance of their God and will repent of their sins on a national level every man women  and child will turn to the Lords law and Live it. 
The process of repentance may require many years to acquire and build up but when  the time comes it can all be fulfilled  in a moment.
  The lord will sprinkle clean water upon us and we shall be clean, from all are filthiness, and  from all our idols will he clean us.
 This change to a new life will not be a gradual process,  it will come suddenly upon our nation -Great Britain, and the USA.