Remnant Saints Guild of Freemen

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Remnant Saints, Guild of Freemen is an Organisation which vow to  defend freedom
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 the Guild of freemen are upright men & women who  walk according to the indwelling of the Spirit of God and who vow to defend freedom.  They are invited volunteers, who have been nominated  and elected to hold leadership positions,  in the establishment of Gods Government in the British Isles.  The Guilds name"Remnant Saints" is take from the deffinition employed by RSICC (see below nomination invitation). Guild of "Freemen"  harkes back to  the Freeman of the Realm from  the Magna Carter and of Habeas Corpus. (see the below information).
With the recent ratification of the Lisbon treaty are rigth to Habeas Corpus is to be turned on it's head. Next year will see the introduction of  the system proposed by Brussels, known as Corpus Juris, Britain's historic freedoms and liberties are to be ended in the name of a new "efficient" Europe
For modern times, the most enduring legacy of Magna Carta is considered the right of habeas corpus. This right arises from what are now known as clauses 36, 38, 39, and 40 of the 1215 Magna Carta.

As the most recent version, it is the 1297 Charter which remains in legal force in England and Wales. Using the clauses in the 1297 charter (the content and numbering are somewhat different from the 1215 Charter): Clause 1 guarantees the freedom of the English Church. Although this originally meant freedom from the King, later in history it was used for different purposes (see below). Clause 9 guarantees the "ancient liberties" of the City of London. Clause 29 guarantees a right to due process

  • I. FIRST, We have g
    Magna Carta
    ranted to God, and by this our present Charter have confirmed, for Us and our Heirs for ever, that the Church of England shall be free, and shall have all her whole Rights and Liberties inviolable. We have granted also, and given to all the Freemen of our Realm, for Us and our Heirs for ever, these Liberties under-written, to have and to hold to them and their Heirs, of Us and our Heirs for ever.
  • IX. THE City of London shall have all the old Liberties and Customs which it hath been used to have. Moreover We will and grant, that all other Cities, Boroughs, Towns, and the Barons of the Five Ports, as with all other Ports, shall have all their Liberties and free Customs.
  • XXIX. NO Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the land. We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.[5]
This is a private correspondence intended for ****, and is not to be forwarded or shared indiscriminately. Please keep it secure.

Remnant Saints Guild of Freemen, Leadership  Nomination Announcement Letter
Dear ****,

You have been nominated to serve as a founding member of the Remnant Saints Guild  of Freemen, in a leadership position

The following link is for the page where you can go to accept your nomination, view the other nominees, as well as provide your input on these other individuals who are being considered as founding members of the Remnant Saints Guild of Freemen in leadership positions.

Please be discreet with this information.

URL ****

Username: ****
Password: ****

The name "Remnant Saints" Guild of Freemen as an organization is new to you because it is a new organization. We are approaching you about serving as a founding member of its leadership guild.

By "Remnant" we mean "those who remain" or survive victoriously. In the scriptural imagery of the refining of gold, the remnant is what is left over after the dross has been skimmed away.

By "saint" we means one who has been born of God and who seeks diligently to walk according to the indwelling of the Spirit of God.

Though the name leans toward more of a religious emphasis, it is actually more of patriotic organization based on the enduring principles of freedom.

The purpose of the organization, "Remnant Saints," Guild of Freemen, is to facilitate the survival of the Lord's people through the tribulations that are coming.

One of the key components of that facilitization will be the establishment of alternative modes of communication so that the patriot saint community can stay in touch one with another despite whatever disruptions may occur in the public utilities and communications lines.

The leadership guild is a body of remnant saint leaders -- invited, volunteer and elected -- who are representative of their various communities and organizations. One of the guild's primary purposes will be to facilitate the networking between the various leaders of the patriot saint world.

You have been nominated to be a part of this leadership guild.

We see you as possessing unique and gifted abilities to understand our day, and to rally people in the defense of those principles we hold dear.

The purpose of Remnant Saints organization is not to identify and include every last person who is a remnant patriot-saint. Rather, it is to provide a means of networking that body as efficiently and safely as possible, while maintaining the individuality of each member and each organization.

We recognize that each organization has its purpose, its strengths, and its weaknesses.

By networking the leadership of these organizations, we can help facilitate a synergism among the various organizations in the spirit of the body of Christ.

As this network of leaders comes to know and trust one another better, they can have dialogue among themselves that could form the basis of a sort of congress that could be instrumental in shoring up the foundations of the Zion to come. According to prophecy, the society that arises from the ashes will be the kingdom of God on earth.

A key phrase in scriptures regarding the rise of that kingdom is that it will be built "without hands."

In our opinion, that means that it is not a kingdom reliant on the brawn and knowledge of man, as the current system of Babylon is. Rather, it is a kingdom built by the inspiration of God.

Each person in the coming society will answer to God and their conscience first, not to another person.

This does not negate the principle of the body of Christ, that says that none are meant to work alone, but that together we form a more perfect union. While we work together, our trust is not foremost in another man, but foremost in our personal relationship with the heavens.

Everything we say and do is thus a balance between our foremost trust in God, and our appreciation for others who are also part of the body of Christ and the work they perform in harmony with ours.

What becomes of this body will be a function of our combined choices.

We hope you will accept your nomination and join with us in charting this exciting and challenging chapter of patriot history.

After you have completed the nomination form, you will arrive at a page listing some follow-up items. The first on the list is a reminder of the need to secure alternative means of communication with your key contacts so that communications can continue in whatever circumstances may arise, such as all major lines of public communication being severed.

The next item is for you to appoint two alternates or counselors to act in your behalf during your absence, or even for when you are available but wish to delegate certain tasks to them. These will have power to vote on guild matters. We will need some form of verification that they have been appointed by you.

Next is a notice that unless specified otherwise, all guild members will be signed up to receive the Remnant Saints Special Alerts.

You can view the rest of the follow-up items once you get there.

We will look forward to getting to know you better as we serve together in this capacity. May our combined efforts be a blessing to mankind and help bring a better world.


Sterling D. Allan
and all the others who are/will be part of this.