PNAA: What we have achieved in the Last 2 Years and More to Come

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Victoria Navarro, MAS, MSN, RN

President 2012-2014, The Philippine Nurses Association of America


With my term as 17th President of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA), Inc., nearing its second and last year, we as a team achieved a significant degree of collaborative work as adopted in the PNAA Social Construct.  Empowering collaborations and sustaining healthy communities within the construct have been nurtured and successfully implemented by our members. Our legacy to the next generation of PNAA members and the following collaborations:


a.     With the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) in the 1st Global Summit for Filipino Nurses deliberating and addressing issues affecting nurses around the world (January 2014) at the Manila Hotel, Philippines that culminated with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement among all conveners: PNAA, CFO, PNA (Philippine Nurses Association), Inc., ADCPN (Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing and ANSAP (Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines). 

b.     With the Philippine Embassy in the United States in events that affect Filipino-American citizens and permanent residents, i.e., the accidental death of five (5) Filipino nurses in a limousine fire in CA, slaying of a newly arrived Filipino nurse in Tennessee, courtesy calls with the Ambassador by Nurse In Washington Internship scholars.

c.     With the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regarding the “English-only Rule” in the workplace.

d.     With a Barangay Health Center in Bacolod and possibly Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) to improve health outcomes of Maternal and Child Health.

e.     Philippine Regulatory Commission Board of Nursing on the required validation of Philippine RN license for application of US RN license by endorsement / reciprocity from foreign graduate nurses. With the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in facilitating and removing the burdensome requirements for Foreign Surgical and Medical Missions to the Philippines.

f.      With the Office of the Philippine Department of Health in providing input and subject matter experts and instructors in the development and implementation of nurse anesthesia specialty program to improve staffing for surgical cases in provincial hospitals.

International Non-Governmental & Humanitarian Agencies

a.     With Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices with development and monitoring of Code of Conduct and development and review of educational modules for health care professionals seeking employment in the US.

b.     With Project HOPE in the deployment of disaster nurse-volunteers for the Haiyan Typhoon Relief in the Philippines and potentially Disaster Deployment Program patterned after the US Military Reserve.

c.     With the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in another Haiyan Typhoon Relief Project to help protect displaced and orphaned children from malnutrition and human trafficking, as well as prevent water-borne diseases through proper sanitation.

d.     With the Migrant Heritage Commission’s work on Temporary Protected Status (TPS), allowing Filipino immigrants (nurses who entered legally) to work, possibly travel, and stay in the country and provide remittances to support Haiyan relief efforts.



a.     Establishment of a Student Coalition Program and sponsorship of students to attend PNAA Convention and Regional Conferences.

b.     Establishment of scholarship for nursing students of Filipino descent with a university in the north.


Regulatory Agencies

a.     With the California Board of Nursing, and Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in resolving the requirement for concurrency of clinical experience and theoretical instruction of nursing graduates from the Philippines as a requirement for RN licensure application in the State of California.


a.     With PBS News hour in a documentary expose of labor trafficking for RN employment in the US.

These collaborations have enriched PNAA and its confidence to attract the future generation to be members as we demonstrate our value to Nursing and the larger community.


Reference: Navarro, V., President’s Corner- nursing collaboration:  are we there yet? Journal of Nursing Practice Applications and Reviews of Research. 4(1), 4.    

Chaplain Honors Philippine Nurses

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This article was shared by the Senior Staff Chaplain of Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital, Atlanta, GA.  As we celebrate Nurses' Week, let this be a reminder that everything we do - however insignificant or dreary it may seem - matters to our patients, their families and the people we work with.

Have you ever wondered why some of the world’s best runners come from Kenya… why some of the finest wines come from France… why some of the most priceless art work comes from Italy? Many answers may come to your mind: rigorous training, suitable climate, God-given talent, generous financial support. These are some of the good answers you might come up with.

Over the years I have had the honor to work with many outstanding nurses from different countries and cultures. I have often said that the Philippines seems to produce a great number of the world’s most gifted nurses. Why is that? It almost seems that when God created the world and fashioned the Philippine Islands He decreed, “From here shall come some of My most precious healers.”

I have often wondered why Philippine nurses distinguish themselves the way they do. A big part of the answer I think comes from the core values that underpin the Mission of the Philippine Nurse’s Association: Love of God and Country, Caring, Quality and Excellence, Integrity, Collaboration.  These tenets are not mere words in a document. Rather they are the fibers of a vocation that Philippine nurses hold intentionally and cherish. The tenets of their Mission are manifested in a wonderful humility and dignified grace that imbue their practice every day.

Philippine nurses are about family. They support each other, care for each other as they render care to those who are afflicted or broken. The devotion to their vocation is inspiring and infectious. In my role as a staff chaplain my Philippine nurse colleagues encourage me to be a better chaplain.  They motivate not just in words.  More so by example my Philippine colleagues show me how to be the best servant to God’s people I can be.

It is very appropriate at this time of year when we honor nurses of all cultures that we raise up our Philippine nurses for the unique and special dignity in which they carry themselves. Let us thank them all profoundly for the gift of their vocation.  How they share that sacred gift with our patients, their families, their colleagues makes us all more… and the world a better place.  

In Gratitude,

Greg Pocock BCC

Senior Staff Chaplain

Emory/St. Joseph’s Hospital

Atlanta, Georgia

PNAGA Launches Scholarship Program

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PNAGA Launches Scholarship Program

Annual Scholarship for Graduate Nursing Studies: $1,000.00 Grant


1.     Must be a member of PNAGA in good standing

2.     Must be presently enrolled in a nursing graduate program

3.     Letter of application address to PNAGA

4.     Resume/curriculum vitae

5.     Letter of recommendation from employer/supervisor/faculty


Annual Scholarship  for Undergraduate Nursing Studies: $500.00 grant


1.      Must be of Filipino descent

2.      Must be enrolled in an acccredited nursing school

3.      Letter of application address to PNAGA

4.      Resume/curriculum Vitae

5.      Letter of Recommendation from faculty

6.      Must be a spouse or child of active PNAGA member

Deadline for application – April 1, 2013
Email documents to: 
Announcement of Grant Recipients – end of April
Awards will be given during Nurses’ Week celebration

Filipina RN from PNAA South Central Region Selected as Item Writer for the NCLEX

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Christie Candelaria, MA, RN, CCRN IS THE President-Elect of the PNA South Texas Rio Grande Valley (PNAST-RGV).  Read below for the official Press Release.


NCSBN, headquartered in Chicago, is responsible for developing and administering the NCLEX-RN® and NCLEX-PN®  licensing exams. 

CHRISTIE CANDELARIA,  MA, RN, CCRN,  of  SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE, ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING PROGRAM was approved by the _TEXAS  Board of Nursing and selected by NCSBN to participate on the NCLEXâ item development panel of subject matter experts that was held in Chicago, IL on  OCTOBER 3 – 6,  2011.

            C. CANDELARIA__was one of _12_____ nurses from across the nation to be selected for this assignment.   She was nominated on the basis of clinical specialty and nursing expertise.

            All nurses in the United States and its four U.S. territories must take the NCLEX®. The licensing exam identifies those candidates who demonstrate minimal competence to practice nursing at the entry level. Passing the NCLEXâ exam is one of the requirements necessary for attaining a nursing license.

            Nurses interested in contributing to the profession through volunteering to serve on NCLEXâ item development panels, should apply by completing the application online at  ( 

PNAGA Facebook page

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Rose Chua-Tan wins PNAAF Excellence in Community / Public Health Award

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On June 6, 2011 we received word from Araceli D. Antonio, MS, RN, PNAAF President & Chair of the Awards Committee that our very own, Rosita Chua-Tan, BSN RN, is the recipient of the 2011 PNAAF Patricia Cabotaje Memorial Award for Excellence in Community Health/Public Health

Rose is an exceptionally community-dedicated member of the PNAGA, synonymous with the word "volunteer". She is known to go out on a limb to help out patients who visit the free clinics, friends and acquaintances in & around Metro Atlanta.

She will be honored at the 32nd PNAA National Conference, June 28 to July 3, 2011, Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, California. The official letter from the foundation is attached.

From the PNAGA, we are VERY proud of you, Rose, you deserve it!

2011 PNAGA Nightingale Awardee: Lorna Buntichai, BSN RN CWON

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The 2011 Nightingale Award Committee has chosen Lorna Buntichai, BSN RN CWON as the recipient of the 2011 Nightingale Award.  Criteria for the award includes an active involvement in the nurse's own personal professional growth, an active role in the PNAGA and is involved with upholding the Filipino culture in community organizations.

Lorna has been the Clinician for Emory University Midtown's Wound, Ostomy & Continence Care Department since 2000.  Her role includes being a patient educator, developer of policies & procedures, lead for product selection & trials, interdisciplinary coordinator for discharge planning.  She has served as an officer of the PNAGA in various capacities since 1994, then became the PNAGA's President from 2004-2006.  She currently is a member of the PNAGA's Board of Directors.

On right: Lorna Buntichai with her husband, Pradit Buntichai

Below is an excerpt of her nomination as submitted by her colleague, Lilia Hagler:

It is my pleasure to nominate Ms Lorna Buntichai for the 2011 PNAGA Nightingale Award.

Lorna demonstrates excellence in everything she does. She is dedicated & compassionate in her profession as evidenced by her numerous awards like DAISY in 2007, and first place award in prevention of nosocomial pressure ulcer & other skin breakdown.

She is a member of the Interdisciplinary Committee that developed “Skin Sensational,”  that won first place honors in the prevention of nosocomial pressure ulcer and other skin breakdown.

In addition, she has also been awarded, “Person of the Year for Health CareVolunteer,” by PANIG in 2005 for her involvment in different community organizations.

Lorna is currently a member of the board of directors for the PNAGA & was president of the association in 2004-2006.

She is very active with the Education Committee & always exceeds expectations.

Venus Soriano Wins March of Dimes Nurse of the Year 2010

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We are proud to inform you that the PNAGA's 2010-2012 President-elect Venus Soriano, RN BSN was awarded the March of Dimes Nurse of the Year award for 2010.  Presented to her by the March of Dimes and event chair, Dean Linda McCauley of the Emory School of Nursing, honoring metro Atlanta nurses - our unsung medical heroes - at the inaugural Nurse of the Year awards banquet. 

Nominations were opened to 15 categories ranging from home health to NICU nurses and advanced care. There was live music, great food and a congratulatory occasion held at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 6:30pm.  Nurse of the Year is sponsored in part by: GentivaKimberly Clark and Wellstar


On the Photo: Venus Soriano & her husband, Perfecto "Ping" Soriano 

Photo compliments of Althea Dimaculangan, RN BSN, member, PNAGA

Venus Soriano Awarded Atlanta Medical Center Nurse of the Year 2011

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She did it again!  Venus Soriano, PNAGA President-Elect was awarded Nurse of the Year by the Atlanta Medical Center.  We will post details as soon as we get them!

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