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NAIMAH FULLER is the award winning producer/director of the ground breaking documentary project HOME: THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE the first film about the south since the Civil Rights Movement.  Fuller wore several hats in the process of creating this incredible project, including producer/director/writer/cinematographer.  As the project nears completion, Naimah has taken a seat in the editor's chair.  Four years in the making, the film connects the historical dots between the current mass migration of African Americans relocating to the "new south" to the era of the twentieth century now known as the  GREAT MIGRATION  when six million black folks migrated to the west and to the north.  Fuller's project looks at how the new south is attracting a whole new generation of young African Americans who are the descendants of parents and grandparents who fled the terror of the Jim Crow south.  They are leaving cities such as Los Angeles, Oakland, St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, to relocate to Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, Houston, and other southern cities.  The poignant question the documentary begs:  Are blacks relocating to the south as a consequence of an insidious urban renewal policy called "gentrification", or is it the manifestation of a shared ethos, a spiritual calling to return home to their southern roots?  The project examines these and other "push pull" factors behind this mass movement.  With principle photography completed, the producer is currently in the post production phase and is researching distribution options.


 T.I., Atlanta based Hip Hop star contributes his music to this historical project. Musical director BASHIRI JOHNSON's score will include musical contributions from INDIA ARIE, JULIE DEXTER, TERENCE BLANCHARD.  OKEEBA JUBALLO, BILL SUMMERS, and blues man VASTI JACKSON, just to mention a few.

BASHIRI JOHNSON veteran recording and performing artist is the Musical Director of HOME THE DOCUMENTARY MOVIE.  Affectionately known to his peers as "Bash", brings more than thirty years experience in the recording industry to the project.  Johnson has graced the stage with some of the recording industry's most admired artists, including Michael Jackson, Sting, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Anita Baker, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Angelique Kidjo, Maxwell, Sade, Aretha Franklin, and Lionel Richie, just to mention a few. As musical director of this historical project, Bashiri is already busy composing music for the project, including the title song, "HOME".


MORGAN FREEMAN shared his story of returning home to Mississippi with producer Naimah Fuller.  He built his home on the exact same track of land where his parents once lived in a shack.  Mr. Freeman remarks:   "People are always asking me why did I move back to Mississippi when I can live anywhere in the world?  What I realized is my comfort zone is in Mississippi.  It's a feeling I've only gotten on home ground, on home territory."  His pride and passion shine through in his compelling conversation with Ms. Fuller.

relocated to Winston-Salem, NC, and remarks that:   "The south is a beautiful place.  It is my historical place.  My father, my uncles, grandfathers, my great-grandfathers, slaved here, and built the South without any compensation, allowing the South to become a viable financial entity.  So the South is my place.  I earned this place, and no one can send me away."    Dr. Angelou was raised in the small rural town of Stamps, Arkansas.

REUBEN CANNON relocated to Atlanta, GA after residing in Los Angles for nearly thirty years, leaving behind an illustrious career as one of Hollywood's "A" list casting directors. Cannon shares his migration journey with filmmaker Naimah Fuller, from his hometown of Chicago where he was born and raised, to Hollywood where he began his career in the motion picture industry in the mail room at Universal Studios.  Cannon moved up the ranks, and went on to make motion picture history as the first African American casting director in Hollywood. As CEO of Reuben Cannon Associates, Cannon collaborated with director Steven Speilberg on the acclaimed film The Color Purple, casting Oprah Winfrey in the role that would solidify her career.   Five years ago Cannon moved again, this  time to Atlanta.  It was a move with a mission.  In Atlanta his joined forces with Tyler Perry, and is making his mark successfully producing box office hits.

OKEEBE JUBALO, an artist living in Atlanta, comes from a family with strong southern roots.  His mother was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta.  J as he is affectionately known to his peers, is a painter, poet, and performing artist. His " in your face" artistry reflects the bitter struggle of African American's experienced during the Civil Rights Movement.  In pursuit of his artistic dreams, Jubalo journeyed to New York City, but decided to return to his southern roots where much of his work finds its inspiration.  Okeeba lives and works in Atlanta, GA, and is among those whom  the great Civil Rights veteran Rev. CT Vivian refers to as The Freedom Generation.

REV. CT VIVIAN, the renowned Civil Rights Veteran was born and raised in Missouri.  He moved south during the Civil Rights Movement to join the struggle of freedom with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Rev. Vivian brings his wisdom and insight to this historical project as he revisits the turbulent times of the Civil Rights Movement.  "If it wasn't for the Civil Rights Movement, there wouldn't be this return migration back south."  Rev. Vivian has coined a new phrase for this new generation of migrants as the  The Freedom Generation.  "A generation of young black people who can do anything they really want to do."

, former mayor of Atlanta, who worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Movement, was a freedom fighter for the Civil Rights that ushered the south into the 21st Century.
  "We probably created this migration."  However PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA reminds us that in spite of all the accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement,
African Americans still have not reached the promised land.  Dramatic economic and political issues impact public policies that continue to reshape black communities across the U.S.. 
These and other "push-pull" factors are explored in this incredible documentary film HOME: THE GREAT MIGRATION OF THE 21ST CENTURY.



DR. HOWARD DODSON, co-author of IN MOTION: THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MIGRATION EXPERIENCE and Director of the SCHOMBURG CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN BLACK CULTURE,  brings his expertise to this historical project.  Dr. Dodson paints a picture of ethnic and cultural diversity of the current black population in the U.S. that has never been greater, or richer.

NAIMAH FULLER began her career in professional film-making under her mentor, famed photographer and director Gordon Parks.  She began her career in journalism in the newsroom at WABC-TV in New York City.  She is the recipient of the prestigious National Media Women's Awards in documentary film production.  


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