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I've always said that a big part of who you are is because of your friends.  Dustin and I are so lucky to have such great friends to make up our wedding party!  

This is Amber and her husband Jono.  I've known Amber since elementary school when we played on the same softball team.  We didn't become friends, though, until 7th grade choir.  Amber has been there for everything and so it's very fitting to have her be my matron of honor.  We may not see each other as much as we did in junior high and high school but that doesn't make us any less close.


I've known Jill since 8th grade and we ran around in the same group together but I didn't really become close to her until this year.  It's amazing how you can know someone for so long and then one day you realize that you're friendship has gone to a new level.  Jill is totally amazing and a really fun person, she's a perfect choice for a bridesmaid.


This is Taryn, Dustin's little sister, and her boyfriend Ryan.  It's funny because I've only ever had my little brother but I always wished that I could have a sister - and now I do!  Currently Dustin and I live with Taryn and Taryn and I have SO much fun ganging up on Dustin!  I'm psyched to finally be able to say I have a sister.


On the left of the picture is Bubba, D's best man and in the middle is Brugge (David), one of his groomsmen.


 Dustin's cousin Shawn who we lived with for almost 2 years.


And finally this is my brother Ryan who will be the 4th in what Dustin calls the "groomal party."