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I started collecting these before I even thought to make down who they belonged to.  So if one of these is yours and I haven't given you credit, please page me on the Minneapolis/St. Paul board or the September '08 board so I can give you credit!

LOVE this picture of everyone jumping - so cute!  It's a great way to capture the wedding party.

From knottie knj92107

Definitely a great way to capture the cake AND the couple!

 Knottie andrea42608

If it rains I most definitely would love a picture like this.

.I'd love a picture like this.

Just BEAUTIFUL!  Great way to get a good picture of the veil!

knottie callmeMrsKeeks

One of my favorite from Keeks' wedding.  

I have bling on my shoes so I'd love to show it off a little.

knottie louwedscraig

This picture cracks me up - I definitely want some silly pictures of D and me.

knottie MrsErinnElizabeth

I just love the way this picture was taken!

Another goofy wedding party picture =-)


I love the way the bride is holding her bouquet in this.