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I LOVE The Knot and there are so many helpful knotties!  Here is a collection of my favorite bios.

Erin<3Nathan - LOVE their engagement pictures!  Super cute and creative.

MrsJK - Her dress is AMAZING!  If I wasn't so traditional I'd totally love to rock a red dress.

pinkangelmoon - Beautiful dress, cute engagement pictures and great invites.

KappaUCF20 - So many amazing planning ideas, I don't even know where to begin!!

knj92107 - Beautiful wedding and I LOVE her hair!  May copy it for my day!

MrsDeLovely - Tons of great boudoir picture ideas.

PharmGirl77 - Her wedding is AMAZING!!

zerogrl311 - Great engagement pictures and a super cute theme.

babygurle - GORGEOUS wedding.

jebuell - Lots of good Knot helpful hints.

louwedscraig - I LOVED her engagement pictures and couldn't wait for her wedding.  She didn't disappoint.

bkbistro - Really pretty wedding, lots of cute little helpful poems.

MrsErinnElizabeth - Her hair is just beautiful and I love her wedding colors.

MrsDans4Life - Her pictures from after the reception are SO sexy!

callmeMrsKeeks - A pretty awesome MN knottie with BEAUTIFUL pictures!

jesstasler - I just love her wedding, it looks so beautiful and FUN.