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 3 of my old high school friends gave me a really great bachelorette party - and it was pretty nice not having to make a fool of myself!  

We started out at Chino Latino, a really amazing restaurant with great food and a great crowd.

Some pictures from Chino Latino:

Elisa and Jill enjoying their very fruit drinks!

      Delicious dessert: s'mores!                                       Elisa enjoying dessert

After Chino Latino I was taken to Comedy Sportz.  It's kind of like Whose Line Is It Anyway.  I was pulled up on stage and after they asked me about myself, Dustin and our proposal story they reenacted it.  Absolutely hysterical!

Finally it was back to Amber's for drinking games, the hookah and a good ol' fashion sleepover!

The girls with the most important item of the night: tequila.

             Elisa, me and Amber                                  Amber and Jill starting the hookah

These girls really showed me an amazing time.  I wish we could do girls night EVERY night!