Charlotte Badger

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Let’s get one thing straight: first and foremost I, Charlotte Badger, was a good English woman before the monarchy screwed me over. So, knowing that, my child, here is my story.


I didn’t start out my life with malicious intent like most pirates do. No, I started my life as working girl in Bromsgrove, a small town in Worcestershire, England in 1778. I was looking for work to help feed my starving family. I hadn’t eaten in a few days and I was hoping to find something soon. I had considered stealing for some time but my parents were very against it. I soon came across a goods stand while walking down the way. It had everything strewn across the front table while the man running the stand shouted out prices. I happened to notice that he was not paying any attention to the money that was collecting on the back table. A thought ran through my head, but I quickly dismissed it. I was no thief; I just had to find a job. I began to walk away but something kept stopping me. Why did that man get all those guineas while my family had to starve? I looked back towards the stand and I could see the money on the table still. I felt like it was peering into my soul. So, I did something that would change my life forever. I found a silk handkerchief next to the money, and I took it to wrap the guineas in. I had almost gotten away with it when the man suddenly turned and saw me. “Thief!” he shouted. I took off as fast as I could, but I stood no chance against the man. He took me straight to the policeman standing nearby, who then took me to jail.


Before I knew it, I was on a ship headed for Australia. That was where criminals were sent. But I wasn’t a criminal! I was just trying to help my family. The government didn’t see it that way, so I was forced out of my home and into a prison where I remained for seven years. I must say, though, it wasn’t all a waste. While I was in prison, I met a guard and we fell in love. We even had a child together, but you know that is you, my beautiful girl. Unfortunately, he disappeared one night and I never saw him again. There were rumors that he was discovered by the other guards about our relationship and was put to death. Other rumors said that he was married to another woman and was just using me. I prefer to think the first.


Around three years after I got out I boarded the ship, The Venus. This was in the hopes that I could become a servant on the ship. The captain of the ship, Samuel Chase, was an evil man. He would flog women for entertainment and no one ever attempted to stop him from doing so. I knew I could never let him do that to me, and I had to protect you too. So, Catherine Hagerty, a friend I had made in prison, decided to convince the men on the ship to create a mutiny and overthrow the captain when he went ashore at the next stop. We had both taken lovers among the crew by this point as well who helped us convince the others. John Lancashire, the new love of my life, and Benjamin Kelly were their names and they helped us take over the ship.


After that, we decided to flee the ship and let the others have it. We didn’t know how to crew a ship, since none of us were sailors on the crew. But the men were captured anyway; we all just didn’t hide well enough. John loved you as if you were his own, my child. Remember that and never let it go. Shortly after that Catherine died of a fever. It was just you and me.


I only committed two crimes in my life, and they were both because I thought they were for the greater good. So, maybe I’m not much of a pirate. Maybe I’m just a woman always in the wrong place at the wrong time. And now I go on to the next life, where I hope to see my family again, and my dear beloved John. Good-bye, my daughter, you were always the way I wish I could have been.


Author’s note: I used the information I got about Charlotte Badger from Wikipedia. I decided to have her talking to her daughter since it is unknown what happened to her. I thought it would be a fun idea to make her seem like she lived in hiding for the rest of her life just to avoid trouble. To me, Charlotte never seemed like a pirate as much as she was just out for justice. She wasn’t like the other women I have written stories about. Charlotte had a daughter, and all she is known for is two crimes. Both crimes weren’t even half as serious as those committed by Rachel Wall or Sadie Farrell. I actually feel very sorry for her. She starts her life trying to help feed her starving family only to be punished like a criminal. Then, she has to raise a child alone because everyone around her seems to die or disappear. I wanted her to seem motherly, like she was trying her best to help others and also because it seemed like her daughter was all she had. I chose this picture because of that reason. She wasn’t an evil woman She wasn’t even a hard criminal. In this picture, Charlotte seems like she is doing what she has to do, not what she wants to do.