The Picture This Project

‘Picture This’  is a project set up by Dr Anil Bharath of Imperial College which aims to unlock the potential of mobile devices to be used as an aid for the blind and visually impaired. It seeks to do this by bringing together academics and industry to generate new ideas, identify research topics, and address technical challenges that are specific to blind and partially-sighted users.  
This website is not intended to be definitive, but more of an indication of where current thinking is at, and which questions need to be addressed. As such, any comments, questions and feedback are are very welcome. This site will evolve over time and, as such, parts of it are still under construction, including the look and feel.
Broadly, 5 main themes have been identified as key areas of research:
A:  Energy Efficient Streamed Visual Processing
B: Predictive Caching in the Cloud for Low-Latency Pattern Recognition
C: Security @ Source - Obtaining reliable multimedia data from the crowd
D: Navigation in Public and Private Spaces
E: Translating the Visual World

For a more detailed understanding of how these pieces will fit together, contact the Picture This coordinators.