Philosophy of Film: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge) provides a critical overview of the literature on eleven different issues in the philosophy of film, from "What is Film?" to "Can Film Do Philosophy?" It aims to provide an objective overview of the principal arguments on each side of the issues. The set of issues includes all of the most important topics as well as some that are less well represented in the discipline, such as whether the power of cinema derives from its similarity to dreams.  

Each chapter includes a summary, an annotated bibliography for further reading, and a short annotated filmography of illustrative examples. 

This companion Web site provides links to readings, movies, clips, other external resources, and comprehensive bibliographies for each chapter. For now, many of the clips come from the associated YouTube Channel. I'm also assembling a set of clips and commentaries on Critical Commons.  

(Note: This site is an early work in progress.  It should be fleshed out by early 2014.)