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Iyyun, The Jerusalem Philosophical Quarterly 49 July 2000): 333-339.

Jerome Gellman

"This book is an impressive explanation and justification of the growing
profession of philosophical practice. In it, Shlomit Schuster offers
philosophical practice as an alternative to psychological therapy.

Clear, erudite, and well argued, this work grants the reader a lucid
understanding of this new practice and its rationale. Philosophers, in
particular, will gain by discovering here a fresh employment of philosophy
that raises questions about their understanding of the enterprise in which
they engage."

International Journal of Philosophical Practice 1:1 (2001).

Petra von Morstein

“Shlomit Shuster’s book on philosophical practice is the clearest, most comprehensive and authentic work in the –as yet very small–body of contemporary literature on the subject that I have come accross so far”

Practical Philosophy 4, 1 (2001) 55-56.

Susan E. Wright

“Schuster is always thoughtful in her presentation of her own and other people’s ideas. I was struck by the breath of her reading, and where I had knowledge of her material, by the depth of her insights.”

Journal of the Society of Existential Analysis 12:1 (2001).

Kathy Parson

“The challenging and questioning nature of the material makes it a very useful book, not only for existential psychotherapists but for us all”

American Journal of Psychiatry 159 (2002): 1075-1076.

Christoph Mundt

"The narratives illustrate the spirits and intentions of philosophy practice
very well. The main impression is the gain of coherence, reconciliation
with those features of the self, the life history, or the situation with
which the individual has been cross, which is helped greatly by the
avoidance of "psychopathologization" of problems.

To sum up my impression of this book, there are useful intentions and
procedures outlined in philosophy practice, foremost among them putting the client's
problem into a wider frame of philosophical aporias."

American Journal of Psychiatry,159 (2002): 1075-1076.

[Association of Humanistic Psychology] AHP Perspective Magazine,
JUNE/JULY 2001, p. 24

Maurice Friedman

“Schuster’s book should be of great interest to every humanistic psychologist.”

American Journal of Psychotherapy 54:2 (2000) 271-272.

R. Andrew Schultz-Ross

"All in all, the book is provocative, [and] interesting ....”

Israel Journal of Psychiatry 39, 1 (2002) 68-69.

Rachael Chazan

“There is much to learn from this book.”

The Canberra Times, July 8, 2000
Panorama p. 23.

George Stern

"Written in a warm, reflective style, it is both a
reasoned critique of standard psychotherapeutic methods and a convincing
exposition of philosophical practice. But beneath the lucid narrative
of the book you also glimpse profound scholarship and a sharp intellect."

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Sebastian Slotte

“As a researcher in philosophy I strongly recommend Schuster's book to
everyone interested in philosophical counseling, philosophers and students
of philosophy and professionals in other fields of counseling as well.”
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Philosophy Book Review, November 1999

Peter B. Raabe

“Schuster's book has two main parts. The first ... is a presentation of her theoretical views on philosophical counseling (which she prefers to call "philosophy practice"). The second part is an offering of eight case studies from her own practice at Center Sophon in Jerusalem, Israel -- cases meant to illustrate the views presented in part one. Chapter 3, an excellent examination of the historical foundations of philosophical counseling, is especially useful to anyone newly interested. For the novice philosophical practitioner, Chapter 4 and all of part two give a fascinating glimpse into the practical elements of offering philosophy outside an academic setting. Overall, the book is a rich source of useful insights and information for those interested in becoming philosophical counselors or better informed about this burgeoning field.

Theoretical differences aside, Schuster's book Philosophy Practice is easy to read, jargon free, and interesting; an excellent introduction to the field. In true philosophical fashion, she often questions her assumptions and arguments. The result is a book whose author comes across as genuinely open and truthful about her profession and her own approach to its practice”


June 2000

Christian Perring

“Schuster’s book can serve as a helpful introduction both to potential clients and also those who might want to try becoming philosophical counselors themselves”

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