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Dr. Shlomit C. Schuster

Office : Center Sophon,
Horkania 23, #2
Jerusalem 93305, Israel.

Phone : +972-2- 6795090
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Education & Research: BA, MA, PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research Expertice: philosophy of practice, applied philosophy, applied ethics, history of philosophy, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion.

Current Research: radical/critical psychology, narrative psychology, philosophical psychoanalysis, the construct of  identity, philosophical narrative, Byzantine philosophy and belles lettres.

Professional activities: Philosophical Counselor and Philosophical Psychoanalyst in Private Practice, President of the Israel Society of Philosophical Practice and Counseling, Teacher and Supervisor in Philosophical Counseling and Philosophical Psychoanalysis, Philosophical Counseling for Managers and Groups, Human (and Animal) Rights Activist, Editorial board member of the Journal of Radical Psychology, the International Journal for Philosophical Practice, and Journal of Humanities Therapy, and Author.


Philosophy Practice: An Alternative to Counseling and Psychotherapy , Westport, Conn.: Praeger Publishers, 1999.

And as Ebook

Translated into Dutch as: Filosofische Praktijk: Een alternatief voor counseling en psychotherapie, trans. W. de Leeuw, Rotterdam: Lemniscaat, 2001.

Translated into Italian as La pratica filosofica, trans. Francesco Cirri, Milan: Apogeo, 2006.

Translated into Chinese as 哲學診治:諮商和心理治療的另類途徑, trans. Chang Shao Chien, Taipei: Wu-Nan Book Inc., 2007.

In Memory of Susan Sontag: Foreword to the Italian and Chinese translation of Philosophy Practice

For reviews of Philosophy Practice: An Alternative to Counseling and Psychotherapy click here

The Philosopher's Autobiography: A Qualitative Study ,Westport, Conn.: Praeger Publishers, 2003.

And as Ebook

For reviews of The Philosopher's Autobiography: A Qualitative Study click here

The return to philosophical counseling: A conversation with Dr. Shlomit Schuster. In Hebrew , Interviewer and editor Idit Parienti, Beit Allim, 2005.

Contributions to Books :
Shlomit C. Schuster (2001) "Philosophical Autobiography," in Encyclopedia of Life Writing, London, Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001, pp 706-707.
   ---- (2003) "Echt leven is ontmoeten -- Martin Buber" in  Zinsneden  Ed. and trans. Marc Van den Bossche, Budel: Uitgeverij Damon, pp. 87-102.
    --- (2013) "5 Questions Interview" in Philosophical Practice: 5 Questions, Editors Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox and Jan Kyrre Olsen Friis, Automatic Press / VIP,  pp. 221 - 236.
     --- (2013) "On Philosophical Self-diagnosis and Self-help; A Clarification of the Non-clinical Practice of Philosophical Counseling"
in Philosophy, Counseling, and Psychotherapy, Editors Elliot D. Cohen and Samuel Zinaich, Jr., Cambridge Scholars Publishing, New Castle upon Tyne, UK, pp. 125 -131.
  --- (forthcoming) "Practical Spirituality and the Desert Fathers"  in Practical Spirituality and Human Development  (editor Ananta Kumar Giri)              
Essays in Journals and Conference Proceedings:
Shlomit C. Schuster (1991) "Philosophical Counselling", Journal of Applied Philosophy , vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 219-223. Translated into Hebrew and published as "HaYeoetz Ha Philosophi" in Emda 7. Summer 1999, pp. 60-63.

----- (1992) "Philosophy as if it Matters: The Practice of Philosophical Counseling", Critical Review , vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 587-599.

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Translated into Italian as "Cosa intendo quando dico 'Philosophical Counseling'"?   Also translated in Portuguese as "O que quero dizer com 'Filosofia de Aconselhamento'"
----- (1997) "Philosophical Narratives and Philosophical Counseling," Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis. vol. 8.2 , pp. 108-127.
------ (2002) "Philosophical Narrattives and Philosophical Counseling," in Further Existential Challenges to Psychotherapeutic Theory and Practice , pp. 250-267.

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The International Journal of Applied philosophy. vol. 12:1, pp. 37-50.

----- (1998) "Revisiting Hope Now with Benny Levy" in Sartre Studies International.vol. 4.1, pp. 63-75.

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Translated into Italian as Il counseling filosofico di tutti.
----- (1999)  " Philosophy Practices as Alternative Ways to Well-being," in Journal Radical Psychology, Vol. 1, No. 1.  (Spring 2008) at the GDAE

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----(2002) "In Times of War and Terror: Philosophical Counselling as an Alternative to treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder" in Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health,
Special Issue concerned with international innovation in community mental health, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 79-90.

----- (2002) " "Hoop en troost in tijden van oorlog: de filosofisch consulent als crisis hulpverlener?" Filosofie, Vol. 12, 1, pp. 40-41. (Translation into Dutch of an earlier and much shorter version of "In Times of War and Terror: Philosophical Counseling as an Alternative to treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder")

---- (2004) "The Autobiography of I and Thou: A Philosophical Psychoanalysis" in Journal of the Society for Existential Analysis. Vol. 15, 1, pp. 133-142. An earlier, shorter, version of this paper was translated into Dutch and published as " Echt leven is ontmoeten -- Martin Buber" in Zinsneden Ed. and trans. Marc Van den Bossche. Translated into Italian as La consulenza filosofica e l'Io e Tu, "Phronesis", III (2005), n. 5. Also published as "Philosophical Counseling and the I and Thou" in Entre Historia y Orientacion Filosofica. Vol II. Ediciones X-XI, Sevilla, ed. Jose Barrientos Rostrojo, 2006.

---- (2004) "Een pro- of anti-suicide, of een neutrale filosofische practijk?" in Filosofie, Vol. 14, 3, pp. 42-43. (in Dutch)

--- (2004) "Marinoff's Therapy: A Critique of his Books on Philosophical Practice" in International Journal of Philosophical Practice , Vol. 2.2.

---- (2004) "Philosophical Counseling, Philosophical Psychoanalysis, First-aid, and the Philosophical Cafe" in Universitas, A Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture, Vol. 31, 1, pp. 109-120. (Published in Chinese and English). Also published in Spanish as "Orientacion Filosofica, Psicoanalisis filosofico,Primeros Auxilios y Cafe filosofico" in the on-line journal A Parte Rei 40, Julio 2005.

--- (2010)  "Life, Happiness and Desert Reflections" in Journal of Humanities Therapy, Vol.1, pp.1 - 18, Humanities Institute, Kangwon National University,  Kangwon, Korea.
---  (2010) "What makes a good counselor and what are the conditions of successful counseling" in Philosophical Practice and Counseling, Vol.1,  pp. 71 - 87. The Korean Society of Philosophical Practice, Philosophy Department, Kangwon National University,  Kangwon, Korea.
--- (2012) "Instances of Philosophical Counseling and Byzantine Philosophy, in The 2nd World Humanities Forum Proceedings, pp.340 - 354.
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__ (2014) "Practical Spirituality and the Desert Fathers" in Gandhi Marg, Volume 36, Number 2 & 3, July - December 2014, 

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--- (2005) "Critical African Psychology ", in Journal of Radical Psychology , Vol. 4, No. 1.

--- (2005) "Philosophical Counseling, Not Personal New Age Therapy", in Journal of Radical Psychology , Vol. 4, No. 2.

            Published also in Hebrew in Book Review Section of the Haaretz Newspaper 26.1.2005.