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The Israeli Society for Philosophical Practice and Counseling welcomes members of all ages,
nationalities and creeds who like to join the project as described in the ISPPI constitution.
Membership dues is from January till January the following year.
Isppi is a society in association with the International Society for Philosophy Practice (ISPP),
which is a Registered Non-profit Society.


Regular and Associate Members

  • OPTION 1: If you have at least an MA in philosophy you may register as a regular member (dues 50 New Shekels or 15 USA $).
  • OPTION 2: Others, without regarding your education or profession, may register as associate member (50 New Shekels or 15 $ USA).
  • OPTION 3: We welcome also donators (any form and amount of support is appreciated).

Please mark your registration status below.

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Option 3

I like to register for the following year (s).

  • for the year 2015 (mark response one),
  • for the year 2015 and 2016(mark response two),
  • for 3 years (mark response three).

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You will receive in return an e-mail, phone call or letter about the possibilities
to send your dues when you send this page to
ISPPI, c/o Shlomit Schuster,
Horkania 23, apt. 2,
Jerusalem, 93305.

You also can mail the registration form and include a check to ISPPI at the above address.