List of press documentation on philosophical practice


Compiled by Shlomit C. Schuster

Copyright (c) 23.3.1997 by Shlomit C. Schuster

All Rights Reserved

The following list is a selection of articles and interviews published in international and local newspapers or journals. The classification is by language Dutch, English, German, Hebrew, and Turkish, and by date.


"Dr. Gerd B. Achenbach, filosofisch therapeut: Filosofie is een
laxeermiddel." NRC Handelsblad, August 22, 1985.

"Geluk. Voor problemen met werloosheid, scheiding, relaties en de
midlife crisis is er nu ook: de filosoof." Vrij Nederland, January
10, 1987.

"Denken is goedkoper dan men denkt." Drents Groningse Pers, April

"De filosoof opent een praktijk." Vrij Nederland/Boekenbylage,
April 16, 1988.

"Als de reguliere hulpverlening faalt, is de filosoof er nog."
Trouw, December 29, 1988.

"Innerlijk weten en zorgvuldig denken." Filosofie, June-July 1996.


"Breath Life into Philosophy; Professor Urges." Calgary Herald,
September 11, 1987.

"Couch Philosophy: The 75 Minute Hour." The International Herald
Tribune, September 16, 1988.

"Philosophers Hang Out The Shingle." The New York Times, December
29, (Reuters) 1989.

"Ask Dr. Plato, Rx for Cartesian Doubt." Newsweek, January 15,

"The Philosopher's Couch." The Jerusalem Post Magazine, February 9,
1990. Also in The Jerusalem Post International Edition, March 31,

"Philosophy Taxes Infants Intellects." The Gardian, November 1990.

"Philosophone." The Jerusalem Post, In Jerusalem, October 8, 1993.

"Philosophical Counseling." (Letters to the Editor) The Jerusalem
Post, October 24, 1994.

"Thinking, Not Shrinking." Utne, January-February 1997.

"MSU Graduate Student Leads Philosophy Discussion." Montclarion,
February 20, 1997.

"Cream and Sugar? Philosophical Discourse?" The New York Times, New Jersey
June 1, 1997.

"Plato or Prozac?" New York Observer, August 4, 1997.

"The Return
of the Sophist." by Roger Scruton
The Times (London), Aug. 11, 1997.

"The way forward is Plato, not Prozac." The Times, October 28, 1997.

"Inquiring minds in Cove." North Shore News, October 29, 1997.

"Philosophical Counselling, A reasoned way." Common Ground, November 1997.

"I Bill,
Therefore I Am.
" New York Times, March 8, 1998.

"Socrates and
Plato Sink the Shrink."
London Sunday Times, March 15, 1998.

"Counseling that would have made Nietzsche Weep."
International Herald Tribune (Israel edition),
April 22, 1998.

"'Socrates Cafe'Bridges Generation Gab." San Bruno Herald,
May 16, 1998.

"San Bruno Thinker Spurs Robust Chatter in Cafes."
San Francisco Chronicle, May 21, 1998.

"Socrates joins
the Board."
Financial Times, June 6-7, 1998.

"Lets Talk: Philosophers Reach Out." The Christian Science Monitor, July 2, 1998.

New Age Sage Rage."
The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), July 5, 1998.

"Temporary Insanity." The San Francisco Bay Guardian,
July 22, 1998.

"Think Tank, Very Espresso Philosophy." New York Times, January 9, 1999.

"For Homeless, Rebirth With Socrates and
Plato." New York Times, March 7, 1999.

"Philosophy Illuminates Minds Darkened by Misfortune." New York Times, March 29, 1999.

"Philosophy Doc Dealing with Life." North Shore News,
May 19, 1999.

"Cool Job Titles of the Millennium: Philosophical Counsellor."
BCBusiness, July 1999.

"Philosophy, Fun, and Dialogue on the Square"
The Inquirer, 20 September 2000.


For most references in this section I am indebted to the by Dr.
Gerd B. Achenbach published Kleine Chronik der Philosphischen

"Pankraz, Dr. Achenbach und das denkende Herz." Die Welt, February
15, 1982.

"Hart an der Grenze." Der Spiegel, September 27, 1982.

"Anders denken." Die Zeit, October 25, 1985.

"Wie Doctor Freud aufgehoben werden soll." Frankfurter Allgemeine,
May 13, 1986.

"Von Lebenskunst und Lebenskunstlern." Frankfurter Allgemeine,
January 3, 1987.

">>Philosophische Praxis<< is wenn..." Deutsches Allgemeines
Sonntagsblatt, September 27, 1987.

"Die Wichtigen Philosophen." Wiener, January 1990.

"Faust im Nacken." Manager magazin, October 1991.

"Am Teetaszchen genippt und uber Schuld sinniert und diskutiert."
Kolner-Stadt-Anzeiger, March 29, 1994.

"Lotsen, Experten, Meister. Die frohliche Wissenschaft
Philosophischer Praxis." Neue Zurcher Zeitung, September 24, 1996.

"Erfolg mit dem Konzept der Konzeptlosigkeit." Neues Rheinland,
September, 1996.

"Kein Urlaub; Philosophen als Berater."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
12 August 1998, Nr. 185/ Seite N 5.


The titles of the articles and interviews I translated into
English, while the names of the newspapers and journals are the
Hebrew names in Latin characters.

"Psycho-Philosophy." Kol Ha-Ir, July 28, 1989.

"Philosophical Counselors; Going to the Marketplace." Davar,
September 25, 1989.

"Philosophy Enters the Market of Therapy." Jediot Achronot, Zmaniem
Moderniem, November 22, 1989.

"Philosophy to the People." HaAretz, April 17, 1990.

"On the Philosopher's Couch." Tel Aviv, June 5, 1990.

"One Philosophizing." Ha-Ir, August 10, 1990.

"Philosophical Reality." Jarchon Naamat, January-February 1991.

"What is Certain is 'Perhaps'. And Maybe Not." Jerushaliym, June
28, 1991

"Nietzsche After Seven Talks." Hadashot, December 10, 1991.

"A New Fashion: Philosophical Counseling." Monitien, January 16-30,

"Thus Said Plato." Jediot Achronot, April 3, 1992.

"The Philosophy Line." Journal of Jad be Jad--Ozen Kashevet, May-
August 1993.

"Doctor, I Suffer from Existential Anxiety; Philosophical
Counseling by Phone." BeMachaneh, (The IDF Soldiers Journal),
January 11, 1995.

"Guidance and Counseling." Kol Ha-Ir, January 12, 1995.

"Not Only Platonic Love." Paniem, The Student Union Journal of the
Ben-Gurion University, No. 41, March 1998.

"When Nietzsche Cried." Ha'artz, April 22, 1998.

"Philosophy for a Penny." Ztomet HaSharon, April 24, 1998.

"Philosophical Counseling." Deot, September, 1999.

"Platonic Love." Deal HaShavoa, October 19, 1999.
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on questions from the public, with Dr. Shlomit Schuster


The titles of the articles and interviews are translated into
English, while the names of the newspapers and journals are the
Turkish names in Latin characters.
Thanks to Harun Sungurlu for these articles and the translation.

"Here is Our First Philosophical Counselor." Milliyet,
May 23, 1999.

"Good Luck with your Philosophical Counseling." Star,
June 6, 1999.

"Philosopher, Help Me." Star, June 27, 1999.