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Sixth International Conference on Philosophy in Practice

"Philosophy in Society"
University of Oslo, Norway 24 - 27th July 2001.

The Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice proudly invites you
to attend the Sixth International Conference on Philosophy in
Practice in Oslo, Norway.

The conference will be an international forum for exchange of ideas
and experience concerning the role of philosophy and philosophers in
society. Today a growing number of philosophers work outside the
traditional academic field in areas like counselling, business
consultancy, and philosophy with children. We hope to create a forum
of communication for these and others interested in exploring new
venues for working with philosophy in society.

The conference will include plenary sessions with invited key note
speakers, paper presentations, workshops, and round-table

The title of this years conference Philosophy in Society invites the
participants to reflect upon theoretical and practical questions
related to doing philosophy in society. How can philosophy and
philosophers contribute to the challenges confronting individuals,
groups and organisations in today's society? What kind of theoretical
perspectives may be established in order to understand these
challenges, and how are they mastered? Is the philosopher always the
master of ethics, or does her activity raise ethical questions as
well? What kind of strategies or anti-strategies are available for
the philosopher working with individuals, groups and companies? We
want also to give due attention to what may be called the classical
philosophical dialogue between the philosopher and the individual
(philosophical counselling/Philosophische Praxis).

Call for papers and ideas for workshops and discussions
You are invited to make contributions on any of the above mentioned
subjects. When applying, we ask you to specify the form of your
contribution among the following options.

1. A traditional paper presentation.

2. A workshop. By workshop we mean the organisation of a process in
which all participants are supposed to be active. The topic of a
workshop may be e.g. how to organise a Socratic Dialogue, or a
certain part or aspect of a counselling session.

3. A round-table conversation. A round-table conversation is an
informal get together in which the participants sit around the table
discussing a certain topic or question. The topic may be a practical
one, such as "How to start a philosophical practice", or any other
question fit for such a forum.

We invite you to send us a one page outline of your paper, or a
sketch on how you will organize a workshop or conversation. Please
also suggest the amount of time you would like to employ.

November 1 - 2000.
You will be notified by February 1, 2001 of whether your proposal has
been accepted.

If you want to organize a pre-conference workshop or tutorial lasting
for one or more full days, then please make contact with the
conference organisers.

The conference will be held at Helga Engs House at the university
campus at Blindern, Oslo.

Approximately NOK 3000 (DEM 700, GBP 230, USD 350) for the whole
conference, two meals a day included, but without accommodation. More
information on this point will be sent out later.

The Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice
Cappelensvei 19c
N-1162 Oslo

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