Journals on Philosophical Practice

The journals listed below are helpful in the particular orientation of philosophical practitioners,

and philosophically oriented counselors and psychotherapists:

International Journal of Philosophical Practice (IJPP) has a standing call
for papers on any subject related to philosophical practice.
At the outset we are especially concerned to receive papers on the following
- The nature of philosophical counseling.
- The relationship between psychologicall and philosophical counseling.
- The certification and licensure of phiilosophical practitioners.
- Training and curriculum issues in phillosophical practice.
- The role of logic and critical thinkinng in philosophical practice.
- Ethical issues in philosophical practiice.
- Ethics consultation in medicine, law, business, the environment, and
related fields.
- The role of philosophers on institutioonal ethics committees.
- Philosophers as political consultants and policy analysts.
- The value of an undergraduate major inn philosophy.
- Philosophers as administrators.
- Philosophers as software developers annd information technologists.

IJJP is also seeking reviews of books relevant to philosophical practice,
local, national, and international news coverage of philosophers in private
practice, conference information, and any other information relevant to
philosophy as a private practice profession.

See the IJPP web site at for further details.

Journal of Radical Psychology (JRP):

Radical Psychology provides a forum for scholars interested in social justice and
the betterment of human welfare but dissatisfied with the manner
in which mainstream psychology has addressed these issues.
Subjects addressed by the journal include, but are not limited to:
anti-psychiatry, qualitative methods, political psychology,
feminism, anti-racism, multiculturalism, radical clinical theory,
critical theory, critiques of mainstream psychology, and history
of psychology.

It is the journal of the Radical Psychology Network which seeks
like-minded psychologists and others to help create a society
better able to meet human needs and bring about social justice.
We want to change society's unacceptable status quo and bring
about a better world.

And we want to change the status quo of psychology, too. We challenge psychology's
traditional focus on minor reform, because enhancing human
welfare demands fundamental social change instead. Moreover,
psychology itself has too often oppressed people rather than
liberated them.

No attempt has been made to define the word "radical". We believe that our
diversity is our strength; no single approach to psychology has a
monopoly on the truth nor exclusive claim to the term "radical".

See the JRP web site at for further details.

The Journal for Philosophical Practice:

The Journal for Philosophical Practice electronically publishes, in English and French, articles in all branches of practical philosophy and is open to contributions from any philosophical perspective. By philosophical practice we understand activities comprising: personal philosophical counselling; philosophical coaching and consulting, facilitation of public philosophical dialogues (cafe or salon philosophy); mediation through philosophy of personal, social and cultural conflict; writing (both popular and scholarly) and professional publication of leading research in these areas; collaboration among practitioners in these activities; and all related activities that employ philosophy broadly conceived to enrich human knowledge and ameliorate the human condition. The articles and reviews in The Journal for Philosophical Practice are double-blind peer reviewed.

See the Revue de la pratique philosophique/The Journal for Philosophical Practice web site at for further details.