Center Sophon

Center Sophon

The New Life Institute for philosophical practice, counseling, and psychoanalysis

23 Horkania Street, #2
93305 Jerusalem, Israel

Tel. : (00972) 02-679-5090

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Center Sophon
was founded with the aim of promoting the practice of philosophy in all areas of living. This is done by providing persons with information through lectures or written material on philosophical counseling. Another activity of Center Sophon is the Philoso-phone, a nonprofit telephone line for information on philosophical counseling, and a first-aid hot-line for ethical dilemmas and existential problems. Center Sophon provides courses in private instruction to philosophers who want to begin their own counseling office, and also offers private philosophical counseling sessions.

The Philosophical First-Aid Line: (00972) 2 - 6795090

Philoso-phone is an adaption of the idea of Chad Varah, the founder of the British suicide-prevention telephone line and of the Samaritans (or Friendship International) for philosophical counseling. Varah's discovery that "befriending" persons with problems was often more effective than most other help that was offered to them led to "befriending" becoming an important element in my contact with persons who call the hot-line for ethical dilemmas and existential problems. I have been offering this service since 1990, and received calls from persons with suicidal thoughts, severe depression, loneliness, confusion, or ethical dilemmas. Sometimes persons are helped by one phone call, others may call again, and yet others will continue the telephone sessions in private face-to-face counseling.

Private instruction to philosophers

The introduction course is 20 academic hours (i.e. 20 x 45 minutes, but may end up to be 20 X 60 min. some times-- but for the same price!) These are presented in 10 private sessions. One would have to read in advance my book Philosophy Practice: An Alternative to Counseling and Psychotherapy. Since the course is personalized instruction I would need to know more about your existing background knowledge in philosophy and your interest in this field and your purpose of studying it. The purpose of the course is to advance knowledge in philosophical practice through dialogue, to practice philosophical dialogue and to investigate and advance philosophical understanding in living. Also it would aim to help to integrate philosophical practice in your professional field of interest. This course is open to philosophers as well as non professional philosophers. But for each other person this course will be different. An intensive introduction course can be done in two weeks (or over a longer period), and yes, Jerusalem is happy to have you as a visitor here. One receives a certificate at the completion of the course.

Private philosophical counseling and philosophical psychoanalytic sessions are held at Center Sophon. Sessions are about one hour long and can occur at varying intervals ranging from several times per week to once in several months, according to the conselee's wishes. All questions and problems are welcome. A small number of counselees might be reffered to another philosopher who specializes in the issue they would like to talk about, or to another specialist better able to help them.

    If for one reason or another you cannot visit me there or at the Sophon Center, meet me in cyberspace through E-mail correspondence. Though real face-to-face communication seems the best, different forms of communication are nevertheless also appropriate means for counseling such as, philosophical counseling by e-mail. Also consultation through Skype is possible after making by an email an appointment.

    Last but not least, I provide philosophical entertainment. For birthday parties, weddings, and all other happy or important occasions you can invite me to lead a philosophical discussion on your choice or that of your guests.