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Susan Seddon-Boulet, Artist

(snippet from a painting)

by Rati Saxena  

Our ancestors and we

Who says

Our ancestors took birth before we?

They take birth

     In dimples on small cheeks

     In milky smiles

     In the toes of the feet

     In the lines on the palms

They wake up

     In faded pictures

     In grandpa’s image of Gopal

     In the old walking stick left in the corner                     

     (that walk no more)


They keep coming in 

     In our unknowingly changing habits    

     In our forgotten talks

     In the lines on our forehead

     In the wrinkles on our hands

They change into us

     In the habit of  our misery

     In the tears that soak in pain

     In our grumbling anger

     In our cursing of the present

We do not know

     When we shall change into our ancestors!

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