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Susan Seddon-Boulet, Artist

(snippet from a painting)

by Phillip Matthew Roberts  

Silently mumbling in medias res


Perhaps a shadow or possibly

it's only a darkened sliver

of night fallen prematurely--

like nervous notes played a bit too allegro

by the novice musician whimsically seduced

at the discernment of an audience

or similarly, how young men are enticed by instruction

about pale moonlit companionship,

these memorable euphemisms

for love's first physical embrace. 

Always relearning lessons

between taking and sharing,

differentiating childish from childlike.



To reiterate: pleasure

and peace cannot be owned.

It takes a lifetime at least

to adjust to all the beauty unmitigated

from celestial firmaments

still swollen with unsullied water

from Genesis to sun drenched desert

sands--grains less

than every possible thought

--unto the perfect strings

that cat's cradle and shape

this universe with a harmony

unfamiliar to most humanity,

our collective urge to claim,

conquer and destroy.

Feature Editor: Scott Thomas Outlar

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