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There are so many movies that have a beautifully-designed "official" website created to exalt and remember them... even the old classics. However, Don Bluth's 1995 film The Pebble and the Penguin never had the fortune of receiving such fanfare; just a few Wikipedia-style articles and a handful of copy-cat movie reviews from film critics that unfairly maligned this film. 

This website serves to somewhat make up for that shortfall and to provide a celebration of one of the last truly traditionally-animated films ever made before the world of sterile, overly-perfect Computer-Generated Imaging (CGI) animation barged in, displacing fully hand-drawn and painted animation, and changing the world of animation forever. 

This website will show you items in our collection - things you may have never realized existed for this film, such as toys and collectibles that were sold at the time the film was released, published materials that were used to promote the film, marketing tie-ins from retailers like kid meals and coloring books, and memorabilia such as movie posters and theater signage.  

Our collection also includes a large number of pieces of the movie itself: some of the animation production artwork, such as the original animation sketches, the conceptual paintings and rough sketches made during storyboard process, and the actual finished inked and painted animation cels and background paintings that were filmed into the final production and appeared on the Big Screen before millions of people around the world.

Now grab a hot or cold beverage and a comfortable chair, click on the tabs above, and embark on a detailed exploration of the history and beauty of one of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman's best creations, and one of the last of its kind ever produced.

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