Everyone has values for each aspect of their life work, life, relationships- self-rules if you like, if someone violates these values, if they are not being fulfilled or we do something that is not in line with these values we don't feel so good or are unhappy, when our values are met we feel happy, what are your values?

My work/business values are:

To be able to do what I want when I want.
To be striving to be better every day
Enough said really - we all need some income.
Personal development 
If we're not growing we're stagnating 
Whatever I do has to be fun otherwise I lose interest fast and it becomes work!
Everybody likes to be recognised for a job well done.
Helping others
If I can give value to other people in some way then that's brilliant
Whatever I'm doing has to be interesting, otherwise again it becomes work, and it won't get my full effort
Being with successful people
I love to be around other successful and motivated people it's inspiring - We are the average seven people we are with most.