Selling is an essential part of everyday life as well as in business, unfortunately sales has been given a bad name and then played up by the media so that most people have become 'sales person' adverse, for some people as soon as the words salesman or selling are mentioned they get an image or the stereotypical double glazing, estate agent or car salesperson. Some business owners have taken it so far away from wanting to be salespeople that it is damaging to their business and so the only people that buy from them are people that come to them! In truth we all sell everyday whether it's going for a job interview or meeting new people that we want to like us - we are selling ourselves! So here are some top tips on selling in a business situation. 

  1. Be yourself - People buy from people not what you think they want to see.
  2. Build rapport - Ask and focus on them find some common ground and work on the relationship.
  3. Listen - the old saying of we have 2 ears and one mouth use them in that proportion is true Listen and understand the needs of your prospect. Don't be thinking of the next question while your prospect is talking to you concentrate on what they are saying, to help you do this repeat in your head what they are saying and then you won't be able to be thinking of the next question!
  4. Walk away - If your product or service won't work for the customer/ client then say so and leave, if they buy and it's not for them they'll end up with buyers remorse.
  5. The goal - Your goal should never be about getting the sale but doing your best presentation that you can.
  6. The benefits - Concentrate on the benefits to the customer or client what will be the end result for them.
  7. Model - Who do you know who is really good at selling, get together with them and find out what they do to be successful.
  8. To Serve - The word Sell actually means 'To Serve' so how can you serve your prospective customer/Client.
  9. Ask for the business - where most sales people fall down is not asking for the sale, don't be afraid to ask.
So long as you sell with integrity you'll do well, remember the stereo type salespeople are only sensationalised by the media and you're not one of them!