Getting an Online Presence

How great is it that we now live in a time that we can get our business, hobby, club or charity online and for free here's how!

      1. Google Sites: With Google Sites you can now set up a website for free, It's simple and if you can use a word processor you can use Google sites.
      2. Google Analytics: If you're running a business site you want to know how well it's performing by adding code to your site you'll get report from analytics which give you a ton of information about your visitors.
      3. Google Webmaster Tools: Google's tool for seeing how well your website is performing.
      4. Blogger: Start writing a Blog to show your expertise in your area.
      5. Google Adsense: Have Google Ads on your site and earn money!
      6. Twitter: Start using twitter to build relationships with other users, have conversations - but don't spam with offers etc, use to promote your blog.
      7. Twellow: Yellow pages for Twitter 
      8. Facebook Fan Pages: Create a Facebook fanpage for your purpose.
      9. Ezines: Write Ezine Articles again to show your expertise in your area.
      10. Google Places: Have a venue, shop or office - promote it on Google Places.

Bonus for UK businesses: 
        Getting  British Business Online: You can currently get a free domain name if you are running a UK based business!

Hope you've found this top ten of benefit I've set up most of my online presence using theses tools they are all easy to do and if you do get a bit stuck there are plenty of online guides and forums you can use - Just Google it. :-)