Business Cards

Here are top tips for having great business cards, I see crimes committed against business cards all the time.

  1. Use both sides of the cards
  2. Don't use fancy unreadable writing.
  3. Have a business email address not or buying a domain name for your business such as can cost around £7 and an email address such as costs about £1 per month, it looks much more professional. I use for all my domains and email.
  4. Have your details on the front and what you do on the back but more so what you do for the customer or what the customer gets from you and put it as bullet points, So for a plumber it could be  0 Peace of mind  0 Guaranteed workmanship  0 Reliable  0 Professional  0 Transparent pricing  0 Local 
  5. Have cards printed on good card stock.
  6. Have a picture of you on the card, if you've given it out at a meeting, you'll get remembered much better!
  7. Be creative the card doesn't have to be a card I once saw a personal trainers card was a rubber band and you could stretch it out also a card for a recycling company that was printed as if it was someone else card with the details scribbled out.
  8. Having a texture on a card can be great as people love to feel it and they'll rub it and play with it which gets your card remembered, I used to have laminated cards and people loved the feel of them.