About Paul Jennings

I originally trained to be an electrician after doing some jobs in factories that really weren't getting me anywhere and never would, I got an apprenticeship with a electrical/plumbing company and after that I went self employed working for various electrical and building companies. 

In may 2005 after some planning and failed starts I started my own electrical business Electrical Concepts I did reach the dizzy heights of being an employer but 4/5 were not willing to learn did not have my philosophy and vision for the future so they either left or I had to let them go. 

In October 2008 I started an MLM business with a fantastic company called The Utility Warehouse, that helps people to either save money or save & make money' (This is very much simplifying what the company does) and I am still building my UW business. While Electrical Concepts never really 'failed' as such (it just fizzled out) I no longer operate under that name, I re branded as 'Hertford Electrician' deciding to just work locally in Hertford and the nearby surrounding areas. I've now semi retired from electrical work and only do 2-3 days per week. 

In December  2009 I did an NLP Practitioner course and in May 2011 I completed  the Master Practitioner training and is now an area that I am starting a business in in 2011 in order to help other people have massive changes in their lives.

I have some massive plans for the future, and from where I'm sitting the future is bright.