The Freedom Essay Challenge

The Challenge: 
   Write an essay on what freedom and the United States Constitution means to you, in 1500 to 2000  words. You may include such subjects as how we have deviated from the Constitution and where you think America is headed.

The Reward:
   The best essay wins a free copy of "Resurrection of America", signed by the author. Eleven runner- up essays will be published along with the winning essay in an anthology on freedom in e-book format (Kindle & Smashwords).

   All essays remain the copyright property of the individual author, with all rights reserved with the exception that the authors of the selected essays grant permission for the essays submitted to be published in e-book format. Judging will be done by C. Warren Ellis. No renumeration shall be offered other than the above publication and the single copy of Resurrection of America". The e-book version shall be priced at $0.00. Thats right, free. This will ensure the widest dissemination, and anyone can download a copy from Amazon or Smashwords. (Smashwords offers their e-books in several formats).

   Email your essay, in Word format please, to, and put "Freedom Essay" in the subject line. Do not use hard returns in your Word document, just let the lines reflow as you type.  Single space, with a blank line between paragraphs. Use a "shift-return" to create the blank line between paragraphs. Font should be Times New Roman, 12 pt.

   Submission deadline is August 20th, 2010, and winning essay will be announced on September 11, 2010. Winner and runners- up will be notified by email, and posted here on the Society's web page. Questions go to also. (Immediate family members not eligible).

So, start typing, and good luck!