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If one person deviated from the challenge format and the match is cancelled, can someone ELSE be the challenger instead of having to wait 48 hours?
Yes. If your team hit a snag because someone wasn't following protocol, you are welcome to try again immediately so long as a NEW person serves as the challenger. If you hit a snag AGAIN, you might want to reconsider who you're teaming up with.

What happens if there are multiple participants in a challenge and a few accept and a few reject/ignore?
The match will be cancelled. You can try again 48 hours after the GM closes it. If you have trouble meeting deadlines or getting everyone to agree, try being more selective about whom you choose to play the game with based on their history in other matches.

What if someone in a monster hunt or team match quits or gets disqualified?
Their character/minions are then simply NPCed by their team member(s). The Referee would provide the stats and put a pause on the 48 hour rule to set this up before starting the clock again. Whichever team member posts first is the one that counts.