Paranormal Phenomena

Paranormal ghost encounter

The Paranormal Phenomena intrigues ourselves to imagine

what happens after death? Is there a "spirit" that passes to another body or becomes trapped in another dimension? Near death experiences have patients recalling mysterious white lights at the end of a tunnel. Is it merely the brain starving for oxygen? A survey performed to lawyers, doctors, and other professionals revealed 70% believed in God, or a "higher power" after witnessing amazing recoveries or life experience.
Are we alone? The question has been asked many times. Seeing is believing but many people worship a god that has never been seen . New technology is helping in the search for the

Paranormal Phenomena Activity

Temperature cameras and voice recordings catch mysterious images, heated and cold spots in a room. Speech that is not recognizable by the human ear has also been recorded. Paranormal witness's have also stated being touched and feeling a nearby presence. Is it all imagination? When reports are made by professional people it further verifies that strange occurrences are happening.

The Universe is immense and impossible for man kind to fully explore in our current state of advancement. Meteors and asteroids constantly impact the earth and it is not being far fetched to believe alien species arrive into our environment all the time. Many scientists believe that humans evolved from different life forms brought to earth in this way.

Auroras have been captured on humans

with special photography techniques. Plants also emit an aurora after leaves have been clipped. Although not ever lasting it shows forces at work that we are not familiar with yet. Whether ghost sightings are real or imaginary is up to the evidence provided to the viewer. A survey done on educated professional people such as doctors, lawyers reveled 60-80 % believed in God or a "Superior force" after witnessing miraculous recoveries by patients or personal experiences.

Reported U.F.O. sightings are numerous but the lack of good solid evidence and clear pictures keep many from believing they exist. Governments have long been accused of "cover Ups". If one were to look at it mathematically.
[ if even one report out of the thousands is true, then that means there is "something else" out there. ]

Accounts of spirit possession go far back in history

Witches were burnt at the stake by terrified people scared of the unknown forces. Anything not easily explained was considered evil by the churches at the time. Modern day exorcisms are still performed in various parts of the world. Believing a spirit or foreign identity has taken control of a persons body, religious leaders will perform an exorcism to drive the demon away.

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