Welcome to The Paperless Scholar

Organizing and managing one’s resources is an essential survival skill for graduate study and life in academia. Paradoxically, digital and web-based technologies provide greater ease and efficiency with which to gather mass amounts of information, while presenting new challenges for staying organized. According to Anderson and Kanuka, authors of
E-Research: Methods, Strategies and Issues, "...[T]he amount of valuable research information available 'anywhere/anytime' continues to grow," and more time is needed for "assessing relevance and veracity" (2003, pp. 41-42).

If one is already versed in and comfortable with the processes of searching, accessing, and downloading digitized content for scholarly endeavors, the next natural progression of that is adopting and refining the practice of reading, annotating, organizing, and storing that data in digital and online environments. Why print out everything? Paperless scholarship is possible with just a few simple tools.  

We will illustrate the life-cycle of a document from retrieval to reading to lit review. We will demonstrate some of our favorite tools, and we will discuss the costs and value-added of going paperless.