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Marcellus Burt (Publicity Director)

Marcellus is a junior Theatre major in the Music Theatre certificate program. Recently, he discovered his passion for dance (mainly ballet, jazz, and modern) and is considering pursuing the music theatre choreography module. Recent roles include Flow in Fabulation and Snoopy in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. When not performing, he likes to play golf, even though he is not good at it, be involved in community service, and speak in Spanish. His two favorite hashtags are #YYYYAAAAAASSSSSSS and #DEAD. One more thing: DO NOT WAKE HIM UP FOR ANYTHING BECAUSE HE WILL NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP. HE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!

Martin Downs (Artistic Director, Ensemble)

Martin Downs is a senor Theatre major, with minors in History and Political Science. He has an absolutely gigantic... love for acting, and can't wait to get out into the world to audition and perform. He first encountered Commedia Dell'Arte in highschool, and was thrilled to become a member of the Panini Players in his first year. He also happens to be one of the coolest geeks you'll ever meet on campus; an avid player of DotA 2 (always looking for players!) with a sizable Magic the Gathering collection. He loves discussing politics and philosophy, as well as late-night stargazing and long walks by the beach.

Dinnie Jay (House Manager)

Virginia “Dinnie” Jay is a water nymph disguised as a human, and the official everyman/cheerleader of The Panini Players. She is a prolific theatre artist with numerous design experiences, at present concentrated on set design. She has experience in fencing, horseback riding, polo, marco polo, and the luge. Dinnie is also pen pals with World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. They discuss tea, the finer things in life, and the problems of the Sicilian Defense. Incidentally, “Dinnie Jay” is also an anagram for “I end in Jay.”

Shea Lee (Producer, Ensemble)

Shea Lee is a junior theatre major and Asian American studies minor in the music theatre certificate program. She was raised in northeast Ohio, but was born in San Francisco (which is way cooler). She is fascinated with exploring the field of Theatre for Young Audiences. She has also played Chaser and occasional Seeker for NU's Quidditch team, the Northwestern Kneazles. In her spare moments, Shea enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, binge watching Doctor Who, playing with her guinea pig, and pretending to be a responsible adult.

Jon Mathias (Company Manager, Ensemble)

Jon Mathias is a junior psychology major and theatre ex-patriot. His forays into the dramatic world are widely unknown and unrecognized, but his comedic senses and timing are equally and vastly underrated. Jon hails from Memphis, Tennessee, but has also lived in Penzance, England, Colorado Springs, Colorado, St. Louis, Missouri, and is now happy to call Northwestern his home. In his spare time he is a competitive gamer and plays in a funk rock band (Business) with his friends. Jon hopes to someday lend his musical talents to the Panini players, but says, "I just haven't found the right guy to groove with." While his love life is immensely complicated on multiple levels, Jon believes that there is always, “room for one more.”