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Are you skeptical about downloading yet another program that says "it's free" only to find to be a fully registered member that you have to pay for it ? Then even when you do, it sends you so much spam email or downloads junk on your PC that you did not even subscribe too ? Palace is 100% FREE.With NO spam, NO gimmicks. It's PURELY 100% FREE chat !

To show you that we are being honest with you. OpenPalace was developed as a web based Palace for you to be able to visit Palace without having to download a single program, until YOU decide whether you would like to download the ALREADY FULLY REGISTERED 100% FREE VERSION PalaceChat4 (Link found in the sidebar to the left) that offers many more user friendly options than OpenPalace.

To use OpenPalace: Simply click on the slide show images below in what ever genre you would like to visit. Click the link under the image in Picasa, and ZOOM  it takes you to that home with full background pictures and avatars you may wear in that chat. Ask someone in the chat you visit to show you how to save and wear avatars with "OpenPalace" I hope you enjoy your visit, and come to visit us often.

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Greetings, Tal, and welcome to Palace !

 First I would like to introduce Myself, I am Thandar Arrius City Administrator of the Gorean Homestone Isle of Anango, and an Tech/Builder. No that is not My real picture above nor My real name. It is My role play character and avatar within the Gorean Realm of Palace.

 Palace Chat is one of the Elders of the Online chat communities. Established in 1993, and has always striven to provide a FREE, spam free chat society.

Palace  needed a resource page to list all it's help pages and web pages for Palace Home owners that have built them.
No, Homes here aren't web page based. Yet can be viewed as such using OpenPalace if you so choose.

 While Gor being an adult oriented venue:

 Palace on the whole isn't. Palace has many venues to offer those of all ages. Games, music, conversation, and visually delightful Homes, not rooms, but Homes. Some ranging from 100 to over 1000 rooms built within each single Home. There are well over 2000 Homes on palace,
For FREE You can visit other preexisting Homes.
you may purchase your own Home, learn to build in it to suit your own personal likes or dislikes. Palace is like no other chat service you have ever visited. Like all chat services Parental Guidance is expected by yourself. Palace technicians do have some parental controls installed, but it is up to you to make sure Your children don't venture into the adult forums.

This site has the support of Alexandra C.E.O. of
 Thank you Alexandra. Without your help and resources this site would not have been possible.

Note: Many Palace Homes block unregistered programs. If want to fully participate in Palace, it may be necessary to acquire a registration code, add it in the OpenPalace program you are using ,and fully travel around Palace, and enjoy the Palace experience. You may get your free registration code in the links listing near the top left of this page, or here:
Or can download one of the  *Free fully registered* palace program located in the side bar links.  "PalaceChat4"

Important notice: Don't share your registration code with others! It's unique to you. Much like a password, it shouldn't be shared for someone else to use.

Recently Palace has undergone a major overhaul. With a much more user friendly program called PalaceChat4
 For those who have visual difficulties, PalaceChat4 also has text to voice capabilities ! Thank you Pawn for all your hard work bringing Palace into this new age.

 Getting use to using a new chat program can sometimes be extremely confusing and frustrating. Palace is no different. Under the Linked Banner near the top of this page
"GCP's PalaceChat Tutorials"  are easy to follow instructions for using PalaceChat and even tutorials for making your own avatars.  You don't have to be Gorean to use these helpful slide show tutorials. You can also find them on:
Under "Palace Forums"

 The Palace Portal is a great source of Palace downloads, and navigation around Palace.
  If you 're skeptical about downloading another program, try the new web based Open Palace. It can be registered, and used for Free, and can be found on The Palace Portal Live Directory, in the links above. Or by using the slide show directories above.

 In the "Non Gorean Web Pages" section, are some adult oriented pages. Parental screening is advised for a few of these.
We of the GCP are not responsible for any material found on these sites.

 I hope You all find in Palace many adventures, and personal growth, that I Myself have. Oh did I mention to be a member of Palace is 100% FREE ?  Yes Free !!!

 We hope to see you there,

Thandar, Builder for and City Admin of Isle of Anango